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  1. What causes cracked heels?

    - Clinical Conditions

    Cracked heels are a common foot ailment often referred to as heel fissures, most commonly caused by excess dry skin.

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  2. Image of a female stretching

    How to find time to workout

    - Physio Tips

    Find it hard to fit exercise into your busy day? Here’s five tips to ensure you reach your health and fitness goals!

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  3. Image of a man running

    Running and lower back pain

    - Fitness and Training, Pain Management

    Low back pain is a common problem experienced by runners - most often caused by overloading of the structures in the back.

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  4. Image of woman running

    5 tips for injury-free workouts

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention, Physio Tips

    Physio, Matt shares his five tips for getting the most out of your workout.

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