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Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy Tilting Plate

What else can be said about Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT) other than that its benefits continue to provide amazing results for elite athletes and leading medical institutions around the world?

Even astronauts use WBVT to prepare for the rigours of space travel, so it makes sense that we should get some major benefits here on Earth too.

Back In Motion is one of only a few physiotherapy groups in Australia offering side alternating, high frequency WBVT. When compared to low-cost, consumer-level machines, our WBVT units offer far superior stability for the head and neck by using side-alternating plates, which operate at optimal frequencies to achieve clinically proven results.

On areas as diverse as lower back pain, falls prevention, core strength, and elite performance, WBVT can provide amazing results in just two 15 minute sessions per week. That's less time than it takes to read the newspaper.

Vibration Therapy for rehabilitation

Vibration Therapy can help you with:

  • Low back pain;
  • Neck pain;
  • Shoulder, knee, hip, foot and ankle injuries;
  • Muscular, ligament and tendon injuries;
  • Joint Injuries;
  • Osteoporosis and Osteopenia (thin bone);
  • Poor Balance;
  • Urinary stress incontinence.

Get the Results You're Look For

  • Muscle Strengthening- core muscles;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Increase Flexibility;
  • Bone Strengthening;
  • Falls Prevention;
  • Improved Balance;
  • Improved sports performance;
  • Improve Urinary Stress Incontinence;
  • Increase mobility, balance and energy in seniors;
  • Stress reduction;
  • Increases lean muscle mass aiding in weight loss.

How does it Work?

Vibration Therapy quick and easy

Unlike conventional training, which works voluntary muscle movements, the Vibration Therapy stimulates involuntary muscle movement by the involuntary stretch reflex. This works in the same way as the patella reflex, when the doctor taps the patella tendon below the kneecap and the lower leg moves upwards in an involuntary manner. Involuntary muscle activation yields a number of benefits not seen with regular exercise.

The Galileo’s adjustable footplate and flexible frequency patterns allows the therapist to tailor a management program specific to your needs and goals. The Galileo’s natural movement pattern trains the human body in an efficient and physiologically sensible way that minimizes the risk of injury whilst maximizing the effects of training.

Tilt Plates vs. Vertical Plates?

Tilt plates have been tested and compared to many other vibration-training devices around the world. The research has shown that the patented side alternating vibration plates make it the most effective training tool.

The side-alternating function of the platform simulates human gait. This makes tilt plates the only 100% physiological training method.

By simulating the human gait, walking and running it subsequently achieves greater and more specific strengthening of the back and abdominal muscles.

The side alternating plates also offer greater versatility in training and muscle targeting. By shifting positions on the plate, the vibration amplitude can be adjusted; this is something that cannot be achieved using other vertical platforms.

Probably the most important consideration of Vibration therapy is safety. Side-alternating plates mean that even at high amplitude, the head and neck are protected as the pelvis and trunk muscles as inhibitors to vibration transfer. This is unlike the vertical moving platforms, which constantly compress the spine and transfer vibrations to neck and head.

Vibration Therapy for Performance

Vibration Therapy for Performance

Elite athletes, personal trainers, and health conscience individuals are constantly looking for new and creative ways to get that competitive edge and push themselves to the limit. WBVT has elevated the performances of elite athletes in many arenas. By adding WBVT to your fitness routine for only 5-10 minutes, twice a week, you will feel a substantial improvement in your overall muscle performance. The Galileo is a great tool to not only strengthen and condition your body, but also to help prevent injuries and rehabilitate existing injuries so you can get back on feet quicker.

Vibration Therapy for Health and Wellness

Everyone can benefit from WBVT with Galileo. The patented side-alternating effect instantly activates the core muscles ensuring your ‘key’ stabilising muscles are switched on. This helps us achieve better posture and stronger stabilizing muscles. This is invaluable in keeping us fit and free from pain and injuries.

WBVT also increases your circulation. This will help increase blood flow and assist in the repair of damaged tissue thus help to reduce pain. An increase in circulation will also flush out toxins from the body and improve the appearance of the skin. You will not only feel better but also look better.

Vibration Therapy for Seniors

Vibration Therapy Training simulates the same muscle activities as human gait. This is helps to enhance basic muscle function and muscular interaction. The result is an increase in muscle power, function, and mobility. As we get older our muscle power reduces and hence we become less stable on our feet. Falls in the elderly are the main reason for hip and femur fractures. WBVT and its effects on muscle power helps to prevent falls. With its very low stress on the cardiovascular system, WBVT is a great way for elderly patients to improve their balance and mobility.

Vibration Therapy for Medical

A good diet and regular exercise keeps us healthy, energised, and revitalised. However, when we face injury or disease such as arthritis, diabetes, incontinence, osteoporosis, or Parkinson’s disease, it can be difficult to get going again.

WBVT gives us the benefits of exercise without the constraints and stresses of conventional activity (i.e. stress on joints, ligaments or cardiovascular system, etc.) Training sessions of only 2-3 minutes, twice a week have produced measurable results in many patients who have presented with injury or disease.