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Our Range of Services



Physiotherapy with Back In Motion

Over the years we’ve continued to deliver 
great outcomes for our clients because we’ve 
always revolved our modern physiotherapy service 
around the needs and wants of our clients and 
our Results4Life™ philosophy.

To the untrained eye, all physiotherapy practices 
may look the same; but it’s the small details that 
make all the difference. It’s our focus on not only 
offering talented, expert clinicians, but also delivering 
a great physiotherapy experience that can have an 
incredible impact on you reaching your recovery 
or physical health goals sooner.

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Pilates with Back In Motion

You may have heard about or tried regular Pilates but
for many there’s no Pilates like Clinical Pilates.
Back In Motion’s approach to Pilates is far from
run of the mill; it’s clinical, tailored and it doesn’t
matter if you’re male or female, it continues to get
great results.


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Gaitscan - Custom Orthotics

Gaitscan- Custom Orthotics at Back In Motion

Our ultra-scientific Gaitscan™ Assessment
system allows us to analyse your foot mechanics
by measuring timing sequences, mapping foot
pressure and providing an in-depth visual report
that you can take home. We can then arrange
custom orthotics made specifically for your feet. 

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Massage with Back In Motion

No other health service draws out a more
emotional response than massage. Possibly you’ve
had one of those ‘killer’ deep tissue massages
that leaves you teary, but feeling a million dollars
the next day. Or, you’ve had a soothing relaxation
massage that helps you shake off the stresses of
your day and transports you to cloud nine.

The simple fact is both the physical (tissue
manipulation) and emotional (relaxation) aspects
of massage work to reduce aches and pains,
whether caused by sport, injury or simply the
stresses and strains of modern life.

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Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy with Back In Motion

What else can be said about Whole Body
Vibration Therapy (WBVT) other than that its
benefits continue to provide amazing results for
elite athletes and leading medical institutions
around the world. Even astronauts use WBVT to
prepare for the rigours of space travel, so it makes
sense that we should get some major benefits here
on Earth too.

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Personal Training

Personal Training with Back In Motion

If you’re looking for personal training with the expert
difference then Back In Motion can definitely help.

Our personal trainers are actually degree qualified
physiotherapists. They’re able to design programs
to cater to your every need from weight loss to injury
rehabilitation, fitness to strength, toning to endurance.

Your physio knows your body and has the scientific
and clinical knowledge to ensure your work out is both
safe and caters to your abilities and previous injury

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Women’s Health

Women's Health at Back In Motion

Whether it's the specific needs of pre – and
postnatal care or the unique challenges of
maturity and age, Back In Motion provides
simple and effective solutions for women during
all stages of their busy lives.

Back In Motion's women's health
physiotherapy is:

  • Unique and tailored to your needs
  • Educational and empowering
  • Undertaken in a safe, confidential and
    expert environment
  • Caring and fun
  • Flexible, offering one-on-one services as
    well as intimate classes of no more than 6

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Mums & Bubs - Class

Mums and Bubs Class

Our Mums & Bubs™ classes are always lively
as they’re specifically designed for the needs of
the new mother and her young child. You can
enjoy a safe, rewarding and fun environment that
can help you regain fitness and strength while
also interacting with other mothers and their
babies. As the exercises incorporate your child it
provides a fantastic opportunity for them to play
and enhance social skills. Under the guidance of
a professional physiotherapist our exercises are
individually tailored and safe.

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Mums In Motion - Class

Mums In Motion Class

Exercise always has physical and psychological 
advantages, but during pregnancy it can also help 
deal with the rigours of pregnancy and labor, 
and reduce post-natal recovery time.

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Aged Care Physiotherapy

Back In Motion provides a range of physiotherapy services
for seniors and residencies across the community.
We feature a dedicated team of physiotherapists that are
expertly trained in aged care, and often treat in
local community clinics, ensuring excellent rapport with
local doctors, residents and aged care facilities.

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