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Clinical Exercise Mitcham

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Free Initial Assessment*

Book in for a free, 20-minute initial assessment. We will provide you with a diagnosis and opinion on management at no cost. you then have the choice to proceed with treatment. Treatment following your assessement is charged at the cost of a standard consultation. See our T&Cs for more information.


Clinical Exercise at Back In Motion Mitcham

The Back In Motion Mitcham experience – Clinical Exercise/Pilates

Located on Whitehorse Road, Back In Motion Mitcham offers high quality Pilates services with plenty of onsite parking. We are a local business to the Mitcham area and have partnerships with many local sporting teams including Mitcham Cricket Club, Nunawading Cricket Club, Vermont Cricket Club and Vermont Football Club.

Clinical Exercise is the hallmark of physiotherapy and the difference between physiotherapists and other manual therapy providers. The goal of clinical exercise and Pilates is to improve your strength, range and ultimately make you feel better in the long term. We aim to achieve not just a short-term quick fix, but long-lasting results. Our physiotherapists can provide a program at any level for any injury. We may use Pilates reformer beds or balls, or use weights and bars. We find the best exercise routine to help you get better.

As physiotherapists we find that Pilates is a fantastic tool in helping people overcome their injuries. We use Pilates as a setting to help improve a person's strength, range or their form so that when they return to what they do day to day, they do it well. All our physiotherapists have all had extensive training in Pilates and Clinical Exercise.

Clinical Exercise & Pilates – with a professional instructor

Clinical Exercise is a highly-individualised form of traditional Pilates lead by qualified professionals and physiotherapists who have completed formal Pilates training. This means you will complete a safe and effective program under their guidance.

With a focus on rehabilitation and prevention, your physio will prescribe specific Pilates exercises based on your detailed physiotherapy assessment. These tailored exercises target problem areas ensuring greater results and minimizing the risk of injury re-aggravation.

Back In Motion Clinical Exercise

Your Clinical Exercise program at Back In Motion will feature the following:

  • Clinical methodology – an evidence based technique taught by qualified professionals and physios who know the intricate details of your body;
  • Individually-tailored exercises – focus on working the areas specific to your needs;
  • Attentive, instructional, and focused – correct technique and personal application;
  • Specialised Pilates equipment – such as reformers and trapeze table, not just floor mats;
  • Range of service options – individuals (one-on-one) , semi-private (two to four) and classes (maximum of eight)

Free pre-Clinical Exercise assessment

When it comes to your physical health, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

As part of our individually tailored Clinical Exercise service, you receive a free pre-Clinical Exercise assessment during which your physio will establish areas of focus. We will then build the most suitable program to give the results you’re after.

Our instructors also spend extra time teaching key muscle contraction techniques, which enables you to get more out of every Pilates workout session.

Clinical Exercise options

Our unique Clinical Exercise service is available in three varieties:

  • Individual – one-on-one tailored program with a physio;
  • Semi-private – two to four participants for those who have completed a one-on-one program;
  • Group – five to eight participants, known as Clinical Exercise

You will earn about dynamic stability that improves the functional strength of your spine and limbs as well as improving posture meaning you will see the results you want faster.

Your choice of Clinical Exercise service

Ease into Clinical Exercise with a one-on-one tailored program with a physio


Your physio might recommend a semi-private class after completing one-on-one Clinical Exercise sessions. Semi-private sessions have a maximum of five participants, each with their own program.

Group class

Continue developing your skills and challenging your body in a group class with up to eight participants.

Free Initial Assessment*

Treatment following your assessment is charged at the cost of a standard consultation. For full terms and conditions click here.