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Blog: Shin Splints

Published: June 29, 2020

Yianni will be shining a light on shin splints! Check it out…

“We will be talking about the commonly experienced injury called medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), or better known as shin splints. Shin splint’s is often described as an exercise-induced (typically running/jumping) pain along the medial border of the tibia. Its incidence rate has been found to be as high as 35% in active people!
With the closure of our local gyms, and people searching for ways to maintain or progress their fitness levels, running is an easy and commonly utilised option. This change in training volume (how much) and intensity (how hard) can create a bone stress response on our shins, which can cause pain, inflammation, and if not dealt with appropriately, a stress fracture.

A key point worth mentioning, is that it is incredibly important to not push through the pain of shin splints, as it will increasingly get sorer over the course of the run and potentially further aggravate the shin.

So, what can physiotherapist’s do about shin splints? Once a physiotherapist has appropriately assessed and diagnosed you with shin splints, they will get you started on an appropriately leveled bone loading program, with an associated strengthening program and an eventual return to running program.

If this is something you are currently experiencing or concerned about, please feel free to contact with us on 9872 5445 to ask any questions, organise a Free Initial Assessment, or receive an online telecommunication consultation.”

Yianni Griffiths - Clinical Services Coordinator - Back in Motion Mitcham