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Blog: Sprained Ankle

Published: June 29, 2020

Our physiotherapist, Susan, will be discussing an injury that we might all be a bit too familiar with… ankle sprains!

“The majority of us has experienced ankle sprains at least once in our lifetime, whether it was during sports, training or a fun night out. How was it managed? Most likely, you would have iced the ankle and rested it for a couple of days. As the swelling and bruising starts to disappear and settle, you would have resumed everyday activities and possibly already returned to sports. Generally, the whole episode would last about a week so it’s quite a harmless injury, right? Well, not always, ankles are a lot more complicated than you think!

There is research to show that 70% of us will encounter another ankle sprain after the first one if not properly rehabilitated. Therefore, one of the most common risk factors is having a history of ankle sprains. This is because there are ligaments, muscle tendons and nerves that run along the outside of the ankle that can also be affected with an ankle sprain. These tissue structures typically take a lot longer than 1 week to heal and recover. If proper rehabilitation is not commenced, these structures will become weaker and will provide less support around your ankle.

Many people have found that although they return to sports from a sprain quite quickly, they will often report that they don’t feel like they have recovered 100%. Whether it is instability or lack of joint awareness around the ankle, these issues need to be addressed to prevent another episode. The best way to get on top a sprained ankle is to engage in a graded exercise program that focuses on range of movement, proprioception, strengthening and sport-specific exercises. With many of us returning to sports soon, this is the best time to ensure that your ankles are strong and supported enough to withstand the demands of various sporting activities.

At Back in Motion Mitcham, our physiotherapy team will be able to provide you with a comprehensive assessment and tailored treatment plan to get you back doing what you love in no time! If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to get in contact with us on 9872 5445 to organise a Free Initial Assessment, or an online telecommunication consultation, to discuss treatment options.”