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Blog: Turkish Get Up

Published: June 29, 2020

Today our physiotherapist, James, explains the Turkish Get Up! See what James has to say…

“This is an example of one of my favourite functional exercises called the Turkish Get Up. I would classify this exercise as moderate to hard difficulty. It combines both strength and co-ordination, as control is required throughout the movement.

The purpose of this exercise is to keep the shoulder stable during the transition from standing to supine. It is useful in later stage rehabilitation of shoulder injury, or in addition to general strength programs. It requires stabilisation of the scapula and co-contraction of the rotator cuff muscles, which is useful for return to overhead and contact sports.

For more exercises like these you can join in our functional weights classes running regularly throughout the week. Or schedule in a Free Initial Assessment and discuss having a 1 on 1 exercise session with one of our hard working physios.”

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