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Sports Club Partnerships

Back In Motion Health Group supports grass roots sporting clubs from the weekend warriors and the rising juniors through to the competitive amateurs and elite clubs.

No matter what sporting endeavour your club is involved in, all members should always have access to medical and health partners.

We provide various partnership arrangements with local clubs ranging from game day physiotherapy support through to player award sponsorship and discounts to club members.

Here are some of the great benefits that your local practice may be able to provide.

Discounts for club members 

Back In Motion affiliated clubs are entitled to a fixed discount off our range of services. Available to members and their friends and family.

Dedicated physiotherapy support

For larger clubs that require a highly engaged partnership, your local Back In Motion practice can provide a dedicated physiotherapist for game day physio support as well as in depth team injury and performance management.

Pre-season fitness and performance testing

Our physios can assist you with fitness testing and numerous other pre-season preparation activities to ensure your team is able to perform at its peak.

Player and coach education on stretching and injury management

A Back in Motion physio is able to attend your club and provide in-services on stretching, pain management, injury management and other key areas to equip players and coaches with the best advice for staying fit, injury free and successful.

Post-game player recovery

Your local Back In Motion practice can provide windows of dedicated recovery time in our practices for players to receive massages and post-game treatment.

Player award sponsorship and fundraisers

Your local Back In Motion practice may be able to provide vouchers, equipment, merchandise and other prizes for rewarding players and for use in club fundraisers.

Medical supply arrangements

Your local Back In Motion practice can give you access to discounted pricing on supplies including tapes, hot/cold packs, braces and much more.