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Our Philosophy

What we stand for

Our goal is to help you achieve optimal lifelong physical health. This philosophy of care is encapsulated in our clinical approach, Results4Life® ; helping you achieve lasting results.

Sustainable results allow you to enjoy living life without having to holding back with the endless threat of injury reoccurrence. Reaching your chosen health destination is much easier when you’re enjoying the journey. Therefore, we do our best to provide a great experience that is both informative and engaging.

Lifetime clients

All of our staff are committed to building sincere rapport and lifetime relationships with you when you visit any of our practices. We’ll focus not only on resolving your health and fitness issues today, but rather educating, treating and preparing you for tomorrow and beyond.

Holistic and integrated solution

Back In Motion Health Group physios will devise holistic treatment programs which integrate a number of interventions offering you long-term results.

We put an emphasis on exploring the broad picture of your needs allowing us to offer you a number of strategies to manage any range of concerns you may have during the delivery of our services.

We’ll use this approach, considering your physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs, making appropriate referrals to other professionals as required.

Sustainable results

Quick-fixes or shortcuts are not something we strive for during your consultation. Rather than discharging you based on symptoms alone, we use clinical reasoning and flags, with a fuller understanding of your pathology, personal goals, and the likelihood of pain or injury reoccurrence.

To secure long-term and sustainable results we are committed to:

  • Tailoring our services for you and your needs;
  • A thorough approach to each assessment;
  • More detailed treatment and management programs;
  • Tapered periods of rehabilitation;
  • Regular after-service follow-ups.

Ethical conduct

You can be assured that our services will be delivered efficiently and ethically. As a condition of employment, our physiotherapists are required to be full members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), thus binding them to the APA's position on ethical guidelines and professional code of conduct.

The APA exists to improve the health of Australians by supporting world's best practice physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and therapeutic management of disorders of human movement to enhance the health and welfare of the community.

The practice of physiotherapy encompasses a diversity of clinical specialties to meet the unique needs of different client groups.

More than physiotherapy

We can offer you more than physiotherapy – depending on your circumstances, your treatment plan might include massage, Clinical Exercise, and personal training.

The core of our approach is the part about you, and achieving the outcome that you desire.

We continue to have lifelong, loyal clients that occasionally still need us. For instance, to tape their ankle so it holds up for the following week’s footy final, provide an amazing massage to de-stress or relax aching muscles after work or play and even help parents fit kids’ school bags before the school term to avoid postural issues as they grow.

You’d be amazed at some of the things your Back In Motion physiotherapist can help you with, make sure you ask during your next visit!