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Brendan is now a Certified Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist

Published: December 6, 2019

Brendan has recently completed his Certification to become a Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist!

What does this mean?

If you have recently been diagnosed, your are undergoing treatment (such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy), you have completed treatment or you are wanting to get back to your previous lifestyle - exercise is key!

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia has recently released a position statement to highlight that BEST PRACTICE cancer care involves a referral to a certified physiotherapist and that exercise should be embedded into the standard practice in cancer care and should be viewed as an adjunct to treatment.

But what does exercise do?

Exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of dying from your cancer, to reduce the risk of your cancer returning and reduce the risk of dying from another related illness. 

But what exercise do I have to do?

Exercise needs to be individually tailored - and this is why there is the recommendation to use accredited Cancer physiotherapists. The benefits of exercise are improved at the right dosage and at the right times.

But what if I am tired?

Fatigue is real - it is hard. Exercise at the right does for your fatigue has proven to reduce these benefits. Cancer rehab therapists are also aware of the 5 causes of fatigue and can point you in the right direction to make sure that these are addressed.

But what are the side effects?

The good news is that exercise IS SAFE! Of course there are some instances where we would not opt for exercise - and a Cancer rehab therapist can identify these by discussing your blood tests and other factors.

But what if I am sore?

The best thing is that physios deal with pain all the time! Sometimes exercise is the best thing for pain, sometimes we need to do other things first. Again, a Cancer Rehab therapist can identify this and tailor a program to reduce the pain and improve quality of life.

Even though this is amongst the worst time in your life, things can improve and the preventable suffering can be avoided. No doubt there is suffering, but it is the preventable suffering that we can do something about.

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