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Compression Garments

Published: May 17, 2024

Compression garments

Compression garments are items that assist with the management of swelling and can assist with reducing pain or heaviness associated with the swelling.

Persistent swelling may be the result of many causes, including lymphoedema, chronic oedema, or venous insufficiency.

It is important to get the correct garment to match your symptoms so the garment can be comfortable and effective. Occasionally, if the garment is not the right size or fit, this can cause any increase in pressure and the garment can then feel as if it is digging in.

Variations of garments include:

  • material
  • level of pressure (for example, class one garments have less pressure than class two garments)
  • length of garments (socks to the knee, socks to the thigh, or pantyhose to the waist)

One of the most common errors is having a garment that is not long enough. For example, if your swelling is throughout the whole leg and you try a pair of socks rather than pantyhose, this may dig in at the knee. Compression socks work well for ankle swelling, but not necessarily if the swelling extends up higher.

The picture above demonstrates Circular knit (elastic) compared with Flat knit (firm).

If you think you may benefit from compression garments, and need further guidance, please call 9580 1985 or click here to book an assessment with Kate.