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Lymphatic Taping

Published: May 31, 2024

Lymphatic Taping

Lymphatic taping differs from rigid sports taping to aid the movement of assist in the reduction of fluid along lymphatic pathways. It is used to manage mild to moderate cases of lymphoedema or swelling. Lymphatic taping is different to lymphatic bandaging, which involved more bulky bandaging, but can be necessary in more severe cases of lymphoedema.

Lymphatic taping can be used to assist lymphoedema if the skin is not allergic to the tape, and aims to improve the fluid movement along esisting lymphatic pathways. This method of taping can also assist in swelling management of other conditions such as hematomas and post surgery.

If you believe this could be beneficial, ask your physiotherapist or lymphoedema therapist if it would be appropriate for you. Kate is our lymphoedema physiotherapist in clinic. You call call the clinic on 95801985 or book online here.