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What is Clinical Exercise class?

Published: May 29, 2020

Clinical Exercise at Back In Motion Bayswater

Clinical Exercise is a type of exercise program with similarities to Pilates that is guided by physios. It focusses on core postural muscle control which helps keep the body balanced and provides the critical support needed for the spine.

Clinical Exercise has its derivations from Pilates which was developed by Josef Pilates in the 1900’s and was used widely to help dancers with their performance. It has key focusses around coordination, breathing, movement control and flexibility. He also found it very useful in rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

With a focus on a thorough assessment and determining deficits in strength, stability, balance and movement control, Clinical Exercise is used in the clinic to strengthen the deep torso and abdominal muscles. It also has the benefits of teaching awareness of optimal alignment of the spine as well as regaining flexibility throughout the body.

The exercises are performed on the Pilates reformer and trapeze table, on the floor, a physio-ball or Pilates roller.

What is Core Stability?

Core stability generally refers to the muscular control around the lower back, hips and pelvis area. It is not only developing strength in these muscles that is important, it is also training correct activation, isolation, and endurance. The benefits of training in this way are numerous. Practicing Clinical Exercise methods will help to prevent injury, rehabilitate from injury, enhance performance, and generally make all the daily tasks easier.

What is the difference between Clinical Exercise and gym-based Pilates?

With gym-based Pilates usually all participants are instructed to perform the same exercises together, without tailoring to the needs of each class member.  Clinical Exercise is conducted by a qualified Physiotherapist and involves a tailored and individualised program based on specific assessment findings and goals. As client’s improve, the intensity, complexity of movement, and resistance of their program is safely progressed.

Clinical Exercise at Back In Motion Bayswater

Before participating in a Clinical Exercise session, your physio will conduct a thorough assessment. This assessment will determine the physical factors (movement patterns, weakness, flexibility, balance, etc.), lifestyle factors (office work, lifting technique, etc.) and psychological factors (stress, coping strategies, etc.) causing your injury or concern.

You will then be taught the exercises on the equipment in a one on one session. Once competent with the program you can join the semi-private group sessions. These classes are 40 minutes long and can be claimed under private health insurance with extras cover.

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