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Do I need a referral to access Physiotherapy?

Published: 12 July 2019

The short answer is yes :)

Physiotherapists are primary contact health professionals, meaning that you don't need a referral to access physiotherapy services. We offer a FREE Initial Assessment where we learn more about your problem, assess different contributing factors (this may include strength, movement, quality of movement, swelling, pain amongst other things) and then talk with you about your problem. This includes a diagnosis, prognosis and education about how and why treatment will help. If physiotherapy treatment is not appropriate for you or we need more information (from scans, a specialist opinion) then we can arrange that - all a part of the FREE assessment. All patients can access a FREE Initial assessment.

If you choose to proceed with treatment - then that can be arranged immediately after the initial assessment. You will be able to claim any private health insurance rebate on the spot.

For TAC accidents, you will require a claim number. To be eligible for one, you must have been involved in a road transport accident (either as a driver, cyclist or pedestrain) and lodged a claim for treatment by calling 1300 654 329. You will be issued with a claim number and can immediately start physiotherapy. In all cases, if your claim is approved, and you have started physio prior to the claim being approved, you will be able to claim back costs from TAC.

For Workcover, DVA or Medicare patients, a referral is required to access funding from these sources. This referral comes from your GP. You are still eligible to access a FREE Initial assessment, and we can prepare a letter to send to your GP to outline your current condition and what treatment will be beneficial to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give the clinic a call on 95801985 or you can make a booking here online.