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Jason Smith Wellness Business Owners World Summit Pre Summit Presentation

Published: 19 June 2013

The Wellness Industry is at a time of unprecedented growth, with interest in holistic, complementary and alternative wellness modalities exploding across the globe. It is this reason the Wellness Business Owners World Summit (WBOWS) brings together major thought leaders in the wellness space to discuss the state of the industry and share best practices, techniques, and strategies.

The Summit speaker line-up consists of people like Reid Tracy (Hay House President and CEO), Dr Robert Thurman (Head of His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s Tibet House), Chip Wilson (Lululemon Founder and Wellness Billionaire), neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza, and Michael E. Gerber (E-Myth) along with Back In Motion Founder and National Group Director, Jason Smith.

Jason features in the Pre-Summit Knowledge Series as well as in the full WBOWS program in July presenting on franchising in healthcare.

On Friday 7 June, Jason presented on the topic “The Dirty ‘F’ Word – Does franchising really work in health and wellness businesses?”, you can view this webinar presentation below.

Jason's second presentation, as part of the full Summit in July, will see him discuss “Franchising the Unfranchisable – Scaling a practitioner-based wellness business”.

The Summit itself can normally cost up to $497 to attend however, Back In Motion has secured a discount on the attendance fee so you will pay only $98.50 by entering the promotion code wbows50 when you sign up at summit.wbows.com/summit/. You’ll be able to attend all 24 sessions live or listen to the recordings at your convenience.