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Do you have a neck pain headache?

Published: 04 November 2016 - Pain Management

Image of a woman holding her neck

Are you experiencing headaches? There are many causes for headaches, but physiotherapists are well-positioned to help you recover from cervicogenic headaches. 

What are cervicogenic headaches?

Cervicogenic headaches are headaches that are originate from your neck. They are referred from the upper two to three neck vertebraes and usually occur when you are also experiencing neck pain. 

They present differently from other types of headaches such as tension-type headaches or migraines. 

How do I know if my headaches are a result of neck pain?

Below are some signs that may point you towards whether you are experiencing cervicogenic headaches:

  • Headaches that occur on the same side of your neck pain
  • Headaches that don’t jump from side to side
  • Headaches aggravated by different neck positions

How do you treat neck-related headaches?

Based on a thorough physiotherapy assessment, your physiotherapist will be able to determine what the best management is. 

Management may include manual therapy, soft tissue mobilisation, specific neck and postural exercises and advice and education about how you can improve your self-management at home. 

Other factors we may need to address may be sleeping posture/pillows and work station set up.

If you or your family members are experiencing neck pain and headaches, call and book in for a Free Initial Assessment with one of our physiotherapists today.


Derek Lai, physiotherapist at Back In Motion Clayton