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Published: 02 January 2019

The New Year is here! Have you put some thought into creating New Year’s resolutions?

Bringing up New Year’s resolutions evokes a mixed bag of reactions. We all know that friend who rolls their eyes at the idea, or the family member who aims way too high and burns out before Easter - but we think resolutions can be a great idea!

Reaching the beginning of a new year feels like hitting the refresh button on our lives. We get to leave everything behind and let our imagination go wild with what the new year will bring; there’s no better time!

The problem with setting new goals is that people often aim very high (which is great!) until reality hits, and you realise your goals are completely unreachable within the time frame, and ultimately end up throwing in the towel.

So, keep in mind your budget, time frame and make sure your goals are realistic. As much as we’d all love to visit the moon next year, listing ‘astronaut’ as a resolution is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

We’ve created this guide because we want to help you create great resolutions and provide some tips and tricks on how to achieve them. We have kept in mind that everyone has a different budget and have included some low-cost (and even free!) ideas for your New Year’s resolutions.


First things first - what are your New Year’s resolutions?

1. Three for me

Don’t feel bad if you have to sit down and think about what you want. We get so caught up in our day-to-day life and work routines, that we sometimes forget about our goals and dreams.

What are three things you’ve always wanted to achieve, do or see? These things might include: losing weight, taking a holiday, learning to cook or finally taking a skydive! (This one might take the whole year to build up the courage!)

2. Two for you

Doing something special for someone is not only rewarding for them, but it’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside too! Whether for a friend, family member, charity or even a stranger, we’ve included two actions for others on our resolutions list.

You might be able to help your mum repaint her house, volunteer at the local soup kitchen, subscribe to your favourite charity or donate childhood toys or baby clothes to someone in need.

3. One for Earth

This will make your sixth and final resolution. Living a greener, more environmentally sustainable life is very close to our hearts and we often try to add more than one of these to our list each year.

Some of our favourite ways to help the Earth include: participating in ‘Clean Up Australia’ events, organising a carpool to work, saying no to disposable coffee cups, straws and plastics or starting your own garden compost.


Now let’s put your resolutions into action!

1. Write them down

Writing things down not only helps us remember, but it increases productivity, helps clarify our goals and keep our minds clear.

2. Clarify the steps

Breaking down your goals and writing out each small step makes even the most daunting task seem much more achievable.

3. Be accountable

Tell someone! Or better yet, create some joint resolutions with a friend. You’re more likely to follow through with your goals if someone is encouraging you along the way.

4. Reward yourself

Once you hit a milestone, it’s ok to reward yourself! Doing so will give you a sense of achievement and keep you motivated for the rest of the journey.


Good luck with your goals and resolutions!