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Children’s Physio

  1. Image of school children

    Children’s school bags and back pain

    - Children’s Physio

    Our physios have noticed an increase in children presenting with back pain from heavy, ill-fitting backpacks. We share our top tips to minimise the occurrence of back pain in school-aged children.

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  2. Spotlight on: Ballet pre-pointe assessment

    - Children’s Physio, Children’s Physio

    The promise of beautiful shoes and a tutu makes ballet a popular choice for young girls but as they grow and as their training progresses, it is important to ensure they will be able to handle more advanced techniques.

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  3. How to choose the best school shoes for children

    How to Buy and Fit the Best Shoes for Your Children

    - Children’s Physio

    If you’ve got young children, you’re probably already aware of just how fast they grow and how many clothes and shoes they’re tearing through (hopefully not literally) seemingly ever day.

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  4. Image of two children playing soccer

    How often should children exercise?

    - Children’s Physio

    It is important to encourage young people to be physically active. However, in modern society the demands on youthful athletes can be very high. When and what type of exercise is too much?

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