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  1. A Physio’s tips for air travel

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    Everyone looks forward to going on a holiday, and with air travel becoming increasingly affordable, more and more people find themselves jumping on a long haul flight. However, this will usually involve having to sitting in a confined space for a prolonged period of time and may cause a few unwelcome problems for you by the time you reach your destination!

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  2. Treatment and exercises for arthritis

    Arthritis Treatment and Exercises

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    As I have aged over my twenty years as a physiotherapist my clients have aged with me and more and more they are asking me for treatment and exercises to help with their arthritic hip, knee or low back.

    This group of clients is one of the most satisfying to treat because with some fairly straight forward strategies I can have a big impact on their quality of life. “But you can’t fix a worn out joint!” I hear you say, and this the question my long term clients often have for me.

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  3. Cervical (Neck) Related Headaches

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    There are a number of potential causes of head and facial pain – one of the most common (and the main one helped by physiotherapy) is referred pain from the cervical spine (neck).

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