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Lockdown 2.0

Published: August 7, 2020

As Lockdown 2.0 has extended, you might be finding it increasingly hard to stay at home, feeling unmotivated to exercise or work, and generally less optimistic. This is a normal response to the unprecedented and uncertain times we are in.

What matters is how we react to the situation. So, the staff here at Back in Motion Braybrook, want you to know that we hear you and we are here for you. And just how does that look? Of course as Physios, it is the golden tool of exercise!

That’s why our very own Pilates expert and new Australian citizen, Kelly, is running a free community online class every Monday at 10:30am via Facebook and Instagram Live.

Exercise has immunity boosting, mood boosting and general overall health and well-being benefits. Additionally, the online exercise classes provide an opportunity to feel connected to others, even if it is virtual.

And the best part of this all… it’s free! All you need access to Facebook or Instagram in order to tune in. You can watch this brief video by Kelly to learn more.

We will also be offering semi-private online classes for those who are interested.

Other tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle during Lockdown 2.0 are to:

·      Follow a regular sleep schedule, aiming for 8 hours of sleep per night

·      Practice mindfulness. This can be as simple as focusing on each task before moving on to the next.

·      Ask for help. Talk to a friend via Zoom or a family member. If you are concerned or need further help, try BeyondBlue support services or talk to your GP.

·      Put yourself first! Find a hobby that you enjoy and try to make it part of your daily routine. Having something fun to look forward to can make all the difference.