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Meet the team: Dylan Clifford

Published: August 26, 2019

Although born and raised in Melbourne, Dylan completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2012. He joined BIM Camberwell the following January and has spent the subsequent years developing his physiotherapy expertise.


Dylan has a special interest in the assessment and management of headaches and migraines which grew when trying to help his sister in law, a chronic sufferer of daily persistent headache. Despite failed surgeries, medications, specialists and therapies over the years, nothing had helped her. After attending a headache course with her (Watson Headache Approach), Dylan saw the life changing effects physiotherapy could have on headache sufferers. After a thorough assessment and some manual treatment, his sister in law had a significant change in the intensity of her headache, something she had never had before. Seeing the difference it has made to her quality of life since then and determined to refine his skills, Dylan focused on learning more and helping those who continue to suffer most. Dylan has since completed the Level 1 and 2 Watson Headache Institute Courses.


In his spare time, Dylan loves playing and watching most team sports (including passionately following his AFL team Hawthorn), going to the gym, socializing with friends, hanging with his dog and enjoying a good movie.


Favourite thing about my job?

Seeing my patients become 100% again!


Greatest challenge in my role?

Trying to help my headache and migraine sufferers who have tried and failed with everything else previously.


Favourite body part to treat?

Anywhere along the spine but I love treating headaches and migraines the most. I also love helping my patients become mobile, fitter and stronger through our functional training classes.


Football team?



Favourite Food?

Messina's Chocolate Fondant Ice Cream!


I try to relax by?

Catching up with friends for food and drinks and watching my favourite movies and tv shows.


Top 5 dinner guests?

Shane Warne, Michael Jordan, Cyril Rioli, LeBron James and I’d invite Kanye West to make it memorable.


If I wasn’t a physio, I would be…

I’m not sure! Perhaps a teacher?