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Meet the team: Sophie ParrĂ´t

Published: September 25, 2018

Sophie joined Back In Motion Camberwell in late September 2012. Having graduated from La Trobe University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, she spent her first few years working in private practice in her home town of Ballarat. Sophie has a particular interest in musculoskeletal injuries, and also is quite experienced in pregnancy-related pain and dry needling. Sophie officially became a co-Director of the practice in 2015.

Away from the practice, she is a dedicated Bombers supporter and loves exploring the culinary side of Melbourne. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, travelling, keeping fit and catching up with friends.


Favourite thing about my job?

I love that I work in such a supportive team, get to meet new people all day and the variety – you just never know what injury/issue is going to present next!


Greatest challenge in my role?

I have had the welcomed (ongoing) challenge of developing some new managerial skills after becoming a Co-Director of the practice in late 2015.


Favourite body parts to treat?

Neck, TMJ (jaw) and vertigo.


Football team?

The Bombers - quite a passive supporter this year sadly.


Favourite food?

(Haigh’s) chocolate


I try to relax by?

I like to exercise (running, gym, Pilates) on most days to keep the endorphins up, and I enjoy baking to de-stress.


Top 5 dinner guests?

My cousin Bianca, my partner Ben, Nigela Lawson, Heston & Jimmy Fallon.


If I wasn’t a physio, I would be…

People usually expect me to say something food related - and funnily enough if I hadn’t got into the physiotherapy course, I had been offered a place studying dietetics, so I guess I would be a Dietitian!