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Meet the team: Tyler Hawkins

Published: February 10, 2020

Growing up in Melbourne, Tyler has always had a passion for sport and exercise. As a junior athlete Tyler played high level AFL and squash, eventually choosing to pursue professional squash. He played professional squash for a number of years, before decided to switch his focus to his Master of Physiotherapy studies. Tyler’s interest in physiotherapy began when he was fourteen after suffering his first sporting injury - which resulted in several months of close work with his physiotherapist. These interactions inspired Tyler to pursue a career in physiotherapy, driven to pass on the positive impact of physiotherapy to others. Since graduating high school Tyler has completed both a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Master of Physiotherapy at Latrobe University.


Tyler has also spent time as a fitness and squash coach, and brings a passion for exercise and movement to his practice. Additionally, Tyler holds a Level 1 Pilates Matwork Certification and has a keen interest in helping people to return to or begin exercising.


In his spare time Tyler still competes in local squash competitions and enjoys outdoor activities like skiing and surfing. However, he won’t say no to staying indoors with a good book or video game when the weather is not so nice.


Favourite thing about my job?

Getting the opportunity to talk to people who have such a vast range of experiences in their life and being able to help people achieve their goals - whether that’s high-level sport or just being able to move a little easier.


Greatest challenge in my role?

Dealing with the variation in patients - every person has unique problems and circumstances, so it is a welcome challenge to be able to help solve each problem.


Favorite body part to treat?

Probably the hip or knee, but I have a growing interest in treating the shoulder too.


Football team?

Hawthorn Hawks through thick and thin. With two family members playing for the hawks in the past it’s in my blood!


Favourite food?

It’s a tough choice but I’d have to pick a good homemade burrito.


I try to relax by?

Playing squash/exercising or a good book or game when I’m not being active.


Top 5 dinner guests?

Rosa Parks, Warren Buffet, Lebron James, David Attenborough and Kobe Bryant.


If I wasn’t a physio I’d be…

I’ve played high level underage AFL football and am an ex-professional squash player. So, I’d like to believe I would have been a professional athlete. If not probably something still in the health field.