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Clinical Exercise at Back In Motion Carrum Downs

Published: March 2, 2018

Clinical Exercise time! But what is it and how is it different to mat Clinical Exercise or yoga?

We spoke to our physio Liz to get answers to all of your questions!   

What is Clinical Exercise?

Clinical Exercise is a resistance-based exercise style targeting core muscle activation and control, postural stability, strength and flexibility. Learn more about Clinical Exercise at Back In Motion.

How is Clinical Exercise different from yoga or mat Clinical Exercise?

Where yoga works to improve flexibility, Clinical Exercise additionally focuses on muscle control and stability. However, Clinical Exercise has an added level of benefit compared to traditional matwork, as it uses resistance springs instead of bodyweight to more specifically challenge the muscle system.

How does it help in fitness and rehabilitation?   

Clinical Exercise is integral for both general wellness as well as rehabilitation. By building a foundation of control and strength of your deeper stabilising muscles, you are better able to strengthen and enhance the motor control and movement of your larger movement-based muscles. Lessening the risk of injury.

Who can benefit from Clinical Exercise?   

Anyone and everyone! Core muscle strength and control is required for everyday life, regardless of age, occupation or lifestyle – also exercise programs can be tailored specific to your needs meaning you get the most out of every session!

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