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Our goal is optimal life-long physical health

Published: August 15, 2018

All of our clients want to get back to full function, be it returning to sport, work, gardening or any other hobbies. Unfortunately, sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and we don’t necessarily pick the best time to do so. The decision to return to our normal activities is complex and multifactorial and so can be easily made prematurely. However, if we do so before our body is ready, this often results in a flare up of symptoms, increased frustration, and extension of rehabilitation times or as it sometimes feels like ‘Groundhog Day’.

In the past, many have fallen victim to the early return; we get pain free and assume we can pick up exactly where we left off. But in the time since the injury, our body has had to work differently, changing the demands and loads of the structures within us. We don’t stop to think what has happened to our other muscles, joints and ligaments in the time between the initial injury and now.

That’s where your physio comes in!

We don’t just specialise in improving the pain associated with the injury, but work to identify and target all of the factors contributing to your condition. Your physiotherapist can work with you to systematically target areas that need of improvement with your end goal in mind.

Our goal is optimal life-long physical health; it’s not always about returning as soon as you are pain free. Instead, we want to guide you through your return, and help educate you on how and why these contributing factors are putting you at risk of re-injury. For the vast majority of individuals, there is complex combination of muscular strength, control, endurance, and biomechanics which affect our recovery.

We progress through all these different contributing factors and with you to develop a tool box so you can self-manage effectively and master your condition. Our aim is to make reinjury as a result of your return as unlikely as we can, meaning you get better and stay better.

So come in and let our physios help you to get back to your best.

Nick Callanan - Physiotherapist - Back In Motion Clayton

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