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Physiotherapy and Your Little Ones

Published: February 7, 2022

Why would a baby or pre-schooler need physiotherapy?
  • Difficulties coordinating movement
  • Breathing problems such as asthma and cystic fibrosis (CF)
  • Physical and learning disabilities
  • Developmental delays in the achievement of head control, sitting balance, crawling and walking skills.

Physiotherapy can also help bring out the best in your child because a skilled therapist takes an integrated approach, using the right therapy your child needs at the right stage in their development. We can also help your child learn or regain the skills they need to be successful during everyday activities and participate with peers. 

What are gross motor development skills?

Gross motor development skills involves the large muscles in the arms, legs and torso. Gross motor activities are important to everyday physical activities like walking, running and throwing. Gross motor abilities also form the basis for fine motor skills and relate to body awareness, reaction speed, balance and strength. They are also important for development of some centres in our brain.

Did you also know how important it is not to skip any milestones in early motor development?

If you have concerns regarding your child’s development or your child is regularly missing development milestones, a skilled physiotherapist can assess development and address concerns.

Physiotherapists can provide a comprehensive examination of your child’s strength, balance, coordination and gross motor skills in order to determine barriers to safe body movement. We provide therapeutic activities that are engaging and specific to a child’s age, cognitive status, ability level and interests.

The skilled therapist will guide you in learning more about all development milestones by age and teach you how to implement some exercise intervention into a daily play. It is suggested that both structured play as well as unstructured play should be incorporated throughout the day.

For example, simple daily tasks help children develop both physically and cognitively when they are a toddler. These tasks help strengthen their motor skills and coordination, develop problem solving, gain ability to follow directions, improve physical strength and so much more.


If you have any questions about any concerns with your childs development one of our skilled physiotherapists would love to help.


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