Back In Motion Connect
Bribie Island

Morayfield 7 Day Medical Centre

201-205 Morayfield Road, Morayfield, QLD
Located within Morayfield 7 day medical centre

At Back In Motion Morayfield we have some unique service offerings:

  • Physiotherapy

  • Podiatry*

  • Free Initial Assessment#

Have your injury or health concerned assessed to see if Physiotherapy or Podiatry is right for you.

  • GAP Free fully custom orthotics

With appropriate private health cover that includes orthotics.

  • Extracorporeal Radial Shockwave Therapy

  • Bulk Billing

  • Medicare

We all work with the following clients:

  • Private with and without private health cover;
  • Workcover QLD;
  • Motor vehicle accident insurance clients;
  • DVA;
  • Self-managed NDIS;
  • Other compensable parties;
  • Home support services.

Why choose Back In Motion Health Group?

At Back In Motion, we will:

  • Treat you as a person rather than an injury;
  • Take the time to listen to your needs and health concerns;
  • Confidently help you understand what’s going on with easy explanations;
  • Thoroughly discuss your treatment plan in the first instance and review at regular intervals;
  • Communicate treatment choices based on the outcomes you want;
  • Neutralise your pain first to give you comfort;
  • Focus on delivering results that last using tangible tools like Results4Life®.

Quick-fixes vs. lasting results

We understand that sometimes you want a “quick-fix” for your injury, however our experience continues to prove that this ends up being more costly and inconvenient over time.

We believe in getting the right result the first time so you can get back to what you love without the threat of re-injury. You will be surprised at all the physical health benefits that come with sticking to your personalised Results4Life® roadmap, including improved flexibility, mobility and strength.

Services offered

* Excluding Extracorporeal Radial Shockwave therapy
# Excludes treatment

Back In Motion Connect

Morayfield 7 Day Medical Centre

201-205 Morayfield Road, Morayfield, QLD

Located within Morayfield 7 day medical centre

Mon:12:00pm - 5:00pm

  • Book your Free Initial Assessment today

    Treatment following your assessment is charged at the cost of a standard consultation. See our T&Cs for more information.

Our Practice

Who we are

We provide physiotherapy, massage, Clinical Exercise, and exercise and rehab to Bribie Island and surrounding suburbs. We have one-on-one and semi-private classes and because our services are delivered by physiotherapists you can claim them on private health insurance with extras cover.

Why we're different

A "quick-fix" for your pain or injury might sound good, but over time is proven to be inconvenient, costly and ineffective in comparison to taking preventative measures. Our unique clinical approach, Results4Life, keeps you on track towards optimal lifelong physical health.

Our guarantee

We are committed to your satisfaction and delivering the very best in physiotherapy care, customer service and outcomes. If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience at Back In Motion, we will refund your money on you last session and deliver your next session free.