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Acute/short term injury manage

Acute/short-term injury management - tips from a massage therapist on what to do immediately after an injury

Acute short-term injuries happen suddenly such as when a person falls, receives a blow, or twists a joint, for example, sprains and dislocations [1].

Massage benefits

10 ways massage can benefit you

Many coaches, athletes and sports medicine professionals…believe massage…benefits the body by improving blood flow, reducing muscle pressure and neurological excitability.

Rolled ankle

So you’ve rolled your ankle?

Swelling almost always means damage and injury. The longer the swelling hangs around, the worse the injury. Ligament injuries are called sprains. Muscle injuries refer to a strain.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy and Massage

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time of life but the drastic changes to a woman’s body can leave her feeling tired and sore. Luckily, remedial massage can have a positive effect, on not only the

Chiropractic and the Grade 1 A

Chiropractic and the Grade 1 Ankle Sprain

I’d be surprised if you’ve never sprained your ankle. Most people have to some degree and as Chiropractors, we manage these quite often.

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