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Podiatry management of gout

Why is gout called “disease of the Kings”? 

In history gout has been referred to using terms like disease of the kings, rich man’s disease and has been linked to affluent people and the aristocrats of the society.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep, I mean proper sleep? The reality is for most adults the answer is no and this is a problem! Hi, I’m Dr. Andrew Arnold, senior Chiropractor and Director, Back In Motion C

Chiropractors use leg length a

Flat feet and a short leg

Is there a relationship between a flat or pronated foot and a functionally short leg? Dr Andrew Arnold, Director Back In Motion Cranbourne discusses.

Breath both sides

Chiropractic and swimmer’s neck

Hi, this Dr. Andrew Arnold from Back In Motion Cranbourne. I want to talk about my swimming journey and how I overcame ‘swimmers’ neck.

The Lumbar Slipped Disc

The Lumbar Slipped Disc

The condition is widely referred to as a slipped disc, but this term is not medically accurate as the spinal discs are firmly attached between the vertebrae and cannot “slip” out of place. There is a

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