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glute anatomy and activation

Glute anatomy and activation

There has been in recent times much more emphasis on the importance of the gluteal muscles and how they relate to a patient's pain presentation.

lightfeet thongs

Your feet and shoes are more important than you think ...

Feet and shoes are often taken for granted in everyday life. But in reality, feet and the shoes that cover them have a huge impact on our comfort and overall wellbeing.

hip bursitis

Painful hips? Could it be bursitis?

Are you suffering from painful hips? Wondering how to relieve pain/make it better? You could very well be suffering from bursitis.

injury prevention

Aerialist and circus injury prevention

Aerialists are athletes who are driven by learning new skills/tricks and challenge their bodies in unique ways.

hypermobility injuries

An MST approach to hypermobility injuries

Hypermobile joints display a range of movement that is considered excessive, taking into consideration the age, gender and ethnic background of the individual.

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