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hypermobility injuries

An MST approach to hypermobility injuries

Hypermobile joints display a range of movement that is considered excessive, taking into consideration the age, gender and ethnic background of the individual.

sore shoulder

Tradies - sore shoulder?

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the human body. It is also the body’s most mobile joint which means it is prone to instability.

Injury and prevention

Injury prevention and management

The Victorian Department of Health (2021) states that injury affects Australians of all ages [1].

Acute/short term injury manage

Acute/short-term injury management - tips from a massage therapist on what to do immediately after an injury

Acute short-term injuries happen suddenly such as when a person falls, receives a blow, or twists a joint, for example, sprains and dislocations [1].

Massage benefits

10 ways massage can benefit you

Many coaches, athletes and sports medicine professionals…believe massage…benefits the body by improving blood flow, reducing muscle pressure and neurological excitability.

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