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Sleep Posture: It’s Important!

Sleep Posture: It’s important!

We can often harm our spine without even realizing it or being conscious for that matter! Our posture while sleeping can impact how well we rest and how comfortably we rise.

Five tips for digestive bliss

Five tips for digestive bliss

Bowel cancer awareness month, Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about five tips for digestive bliss.

The Healing Reaction

The healing reaction

Dr. Andrew Arnold continues his discussion from a previous blog, around why some patients experience an uncomfortable reaction following a treatment.

The Pain Perspective

The pain perspective

I often tell my patients, ‘what you feel is not the whole story’. It’s not that pain isn’t real, far from it. I’m referring to how we perceive pain which is different for each of us.

Stand Tall

Stand tall

Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about the impact of activity and non-activity on height in adults.

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