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Managing a rib sprain

Managing a rib sprain

Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about rib sprains and how they are a relatively common presentation in practice.

Common mis-conceptions around

Common mis-conceptions around the Piriformis muscle and Sciatica

Dr. Andrew Arnold talks about the common misconceptions around the Piriformis and Sciatic pain.

Short term thinking = short te

Short term thinking = short term results

For a long time, my practice was pain based. This meant my clients based on how their health status purely on whether they were in pain or not.

How to manage a contusion or b

How to manage a contusion or bruise

A contusion occurs when a capillary or blood vessel gets damaged and then leaks blood into the surrounding tissues. They are a type of hematoma, which means blood outside of a blood vessel.

Stretch more

Stretch more

I’ve been exercising a fair bit this last 12 months however, I’ve noticed a fair degree of restlessness and crampy muscles particularly over-night.

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