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Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PR-PGP)

Published: July 27, 2021

What is it?

Pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PR-PGP) is a common condition that can be seen in antenatal women during their pregnancy journey. This condition typically presents as a result from the hormone, relaxing, being released into the body during pregnancy. Relaxing functions to relax ligaments and muscles around the body (mainly hips and pelvis) as a way of preparing for childbirth.

Signs and Symptoms

Women with PR-PGP will typically present with pain or discomfort in the lower back that can extend into the backside, on either side of the tail bone. Some women can also feel pinpoint pain at the front of their pubic bone. The pain or discomfort is most likely seen only on one side, however, there are cases where both sides of the pelvis are affected.

Aggravating Factors

The common aggravating factors include:

  • Walking
  • Rolling in bed
  • Standing from sitting/lying for an extended period of time
  • Standing on one-leg/one-legged movements
  • Walking up and down stairs
  • Getting in and out of cars


As the cause of the condition stems from hormonal effects, it is difficult to completely eradicate the issue during pregnancy. However, there are many things that physiotherapy can provide to successfully manage the condition, ensuring a comfortable and smooth pregnancy. These can include manual therapy to ease the symptoms, strengthening exercises for the hips and pelvic muscles to improve active support, pacing techniques, and prescriptions of belly brands/sacral belts/SRC shorts.

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