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Stage 4 restrictions

Published: August 13, 2020

To our clients,


Under new stage 4 restrictions from the Victorian government we are now open for essential care only.

Criteria for essential treatment:

1. The absence of treatment, or a six week delay in treatment, will cause significant deterioration of the patient’s functional independence.


2. Is likely to cause escalation in care needs (for example, medical treatment/review or admission to hospital or presentation to an emergency department). If you are unsure whether you meet the above criteria, give the clinic a call and our physiotherapists can conduct a quick screening questionnaire to determine if a face to face appointment is right for you.

We are also offering telehealth services to keep you safe and well at home. Ph: 9481 1626.


Stay safe,

Rohan, James, Verity & the team at BIM Northcote.