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Back In Motion’s Aged Care Physio Services

Onsite physiotherapy

  • Passionate, highly professional staff
  • Thorough assessment and treatment
  • Fully documented, individualised care plans
  • Optimal outcomes and client satisfaction
  • Close liaison with medical professionals and facility managers
  • Effective treatment of musculoskeletal, cardio respiratory and neurological conditions
  • Falls risk reduction and management
  • We can provide education, massage, mobilisation and manual therapies, electrotherapy, technical equipment and group exercise

Effective chronic pain management

  • We can help reduce and better manage your resident’s pain
  • Improved quality of life and reduced incidence of challenging behaviours
  • Better pain management can increase mobility, sleep as well as reduce depression, anxiety and pharmaceutical use
  • We can attend your residential care facility at least four times per week

Manual handling training

  • Expert and comprehensive manual handling training
  • Improved staff and resident safety and transfer efficiency
  • Compliant with O.H.&S. and accreditation standards
  • Training includes biomechanical principles of safe manual handling
  • Competency testing available
  • Manual handling training for staff – ensuring staff adhere to the ‘no lift’ policies for residents

For more information about aged care physiotherapy, get in touch with your local Back In Motion practice.

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