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Mums In Motion™ Classes

Mums In Motion prenatal exercise class

The great thing about exercise is that there are not only physical benefits, but psychological benefits too.

The benefits of exercise for mums-to-be include:

  • Improved sleep;
  • Guard against gestational diabetes;
  • Help grow a healthy baby;
  • Ensure your body is prepared for pregnancy and labour.

Instructed by physiotherapists, our Mums In Motion® classes cater for women in any stage of pregnancy. The classes also include education on back care, posture, and relaxation specific to pregnancy.

Why attend Mums In Motion® at Back In Motion?

Mums In Motion® classes are Back In Motion aid with:

  • Preparing your body for the rigours of pregnancy and labour;
  • Improving your aerobic fitness while strengthening muscle groups affected by pregnancy, including the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles;
  • Reducing your post-natal recovery time;
  • Offering exercise in a fun, social atmosphere with other mums-to-be;
  • Classes guided by a professional physiotherapist.

This class takes no more than eight participants and runs for 40 minutes. If you have private health insurance with extras cover, you can claim this class.

Request a pre-class assessment at your local Back In Motion practice.

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