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How Does Whole Body Vibration Therapy Work?

Unlike conventional training, which works voluntary muscle movements, the vibration therapy stimulates involuntary muscle movement by the instinctive stretch reflex. This muscle activation yields a number of benefits not seen with regular exercise.

The side alternating vibration plates of Back In Motion’s vibration technology offers a greater versatility in training and muscle targeting.

By shifting positions on the plate, the vibration amplitude can be adjusted; this is something that cannot be achieved using other vertical platforms.


Vibration therapy for performance

Elite athletes, personal trainers, and health conscience individuals are constantly looking for new and creative ways to get that competitive edge and push themselves to the limit.

Whole body vibration exercises have elevated the performances of elite athletes in many arenas. By adding vibration therapy to your fitness routine twice a week, you will feel a substantial improvement in your overall muscle performance.

Working to a tailored program with your physio as your guide, you’ll not only be able to strengthen and condition your body, but also prevent injuries or rehabilitate existing injuries so you can get back on feet quicker.


Vibration therapy for health and wellness

During a one-on-one session with your physio using our vibration therapy, your core muscles will instantly be engaged ensuring your ‘key’ stabilising muscles are switched on. This will help you achieve better posture and stronger stabilising muscles, which is invaluable to ensure your body is free from pain and injuries.

Another benefit of vibration therapy is increased circulation that assists in the repair of damaged tissue, thus helping to reduce pain, flush out toxins from the body and improve the appearance of the skin.


Vibration therapy for the young and old

Not just for athletes or those concerned about fitness, vibration therapy exercises have powerful effects on muscle power. 

As we age, our muscle power reduces making us less stable on our feet therefore increasing the risk of falls. With its very low stress on the cardiovascular system, vibration therapy is a great way for elderly patients to improve their balance and mobility.


Vibration therapy for medical conditions

A sensible diet teamed with regular exercise keeps us healthy, energised, and revitalised. However, when we face an injury or disease such as arthritis, diabetes, incontinence, osteoporosis, or Parkinson’s disease, it can be difficult to get going again.

A personalised vibration therapy program created in conjunction with your physio gives you the benefits of exercise without the constraints and stresses of conventional activity (for example stress on joints, ligaments or cardiovascular system).

Training sessions twice a week have produced measurable results in many clients who have presented with injury or disease.

Find out more about vibration therapy at your local Back In Motion practice.

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