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Practice Profile

Back In Motion Prospect provides leading physiotherapy, massage, Pilates, and personal training services to Prospect and surrounding suburbs.

A fresh, innovative practice, Back In Motion Prospect offers the full range of Back In Motion services and classes including Pilates and Massage. Set over two spacious areas, this amazing physiotherapy practice features 7 modern consulting rooms including a purpose built massage area, 2 separate studio spaces for gym based rehabilitation and an extensive Pilates studio with Pilates reformers, trapeze tables, foam rollers, kettle balls and Pilates and chi balls, Galileo Whole body vibration and all the latest equipment with a team of experienced physiotherapists to back it all up.

No matter what your goal, whether injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management or simply good health and fitness, the team at Back In Motion Prospect are ready to help

To get you back to work, back to sport and back to life, we have access to a range of services including:

  • Physiotherapy;
  • Pilates;
  • Massage;
  • Personal Training;
  • Whole Body Vibration Training (as used by AFL clubs for rehab, strength and conditioning);
  • Orthotic prescription (using the latest in lower leg and foot exam and Gait Assessment Technology);
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound for core muscle and continence retraining;
  • Pre and Post-Natal Pilates Classes.
  • Kids Exercise classes for agility and Concentration.

If you have any questions or are unsure about what you need, simply call and book in for a FREE Assessment with one of our qualified Physios on 82693800.

All Back In Motion services are provided by expert physiotherapists and are claimable on private health cover.

At Back In Motion Prospect [4 Kms North of Adelaide] we offer:

  • FREE Initial Assessment to all new clients.
  • Back In Motion Money Back Guarantee
    If you're not thrilled with your experience, we'll refund
    your money and deliver your next session FREE.
  • FREE 24 Hour Injury Support Line- 0419 132 894.
  • Open 6 Days a Week- extended evening hours.



  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Pilates
  • Personal Training
  • Whole Body Vibration Therapy
  • Gaitscan - Custom Orthotics
  • Women’s Health

Additional services

Kids Exercise classes [Pilates for skill, concentration and body control for learning and sport]


Pilates Semi Private (SMPL)

Duration: 40 minutes A progression from 1 on 1 sessions after you have a basic understanding of the use of the Pilates reformer, the ability to contract your deep core muscles from a Real Time Ultrasound demonstration. A novice to intermediate class for those wanting to perfect the basic Pilates skills and those with some rehabilitation goals. You can progress through the symptomatic relief and towards injury prevention to health and fitness all in the one Pilates class type. Or the SMPL can be designed as an intensive Pilates workout program tailored to help you achieve your goals by using Pilates equipment such as the to Reformer as well as incorporating floor work into the session. The class is a small group consisting of 2 and no more than 4, ensuring constant supervision and guidance from your Physiotherapist. Re-assessments at regular 6 week intervals will ensure you are continually gaining benefit from your program when you first start. For further information, call our clinic to book your assessment.

Pilates In Motion (Advanced Group Pilates)

Duration: 50 minutes. An advanced Pilates class utilising reformers for those that have progressed beyond the SMPL repertoire and looking for the next challenge and progression. A class of 6 to 8 people designed to improve your flexibility, core strength, balance, tone and your neck, back and shoulder posture. By performing resistance exercises with Pilates reformers using ‘low weight’ and ‘high reps’, this effectively tones your upper and lower body FAST! If your posture needs improving and you want to tone your body up, or you just need to increase your exercise level and feel challenged. Re-assessments at regular 6 week intervals will ensure you are continually gaining benefit from your program. For further information, call our clinic to book your assessment.

Mums N Bubs

Duration: 40 minutes. For new mums wanting to get back into Pilates and Fitness. Exercise safely after birth in a Physiotherapy run class that incorporates your baby! In addition to improving generalized strength and flexibility, core stability, pelvic floor tone and fitness, exercising with your baby can be a bonding experience and provides movement experience that helps your baby’s development. It’s also a great way to meet new mums and get physiotherapy advice on common post-natal problems and lifting techniques. Re-assessments at regular 6 week intervals will ensure you are continually gaining benefit from your program. For further information, call our clinic to book your free 20 minute pre-class assessment.

Class Timetable


Class time [run by qualified Physiotherapists]



10:40am [Kids]


6:00pm [Pilates]

7:10pilates +prenatal








 9:40 [Pre&Post Natal]

10:40am [Kids]

11:00 [pilates]

6:00 [Power Yoga]






6:00pm [Pilates]

7:10 pilates +prenatal



10:40am [Kids]





8:30 [Power Yoga]





Our Team

  • Ashley Smith [Senior Physiotherapist & Practice Director]

    Ashley Smith [Senior Physiotherapist & Practice Director]

    I bring over 20 years experience spanning major hospitals and complex rehabilitation and teaching settings nationally and internationally to our team. My passion is to make sure we are abreast with the most current technology in physiotherapy and health and medical practice. I Coordinate and assist with all the continuous education on the latest in treatment techniques and health performance enhancing programs here at Prospect. With a cheeky and affectionate side that confuses some, I love athletics and sport and I am very competitive(sledging is so wrong! LOL). I love music, good food and art and have a heart for the local community especially those who ‘have not.’ I want to be remembered for empowering people find that special purpose and belonging here and beyond.

  • Santosh Kumar [Physiotherapist]

    Santosh Kumar [Physiotherapist]

    I have got more than 10 years of experience in a variety of clinical settings. Neurophysiotherapy is my area of expertise. I love challenges so if you have one please do come in to see us.

  • Yi Dang [Physiotherapist]

    Yi Dang [Physiotherapist]

    Having previously trained in science with honours, i developed a passion to assist and care for people in a personable manner. Whilst you’re being looked after, I also love to get to know you better. Outside of physiotherapy, I enjoy swimming, playing tennis, badminton and catching the latest movie blockbusters. Most of all, I enjoy hanging out with family and friends around awesome food! 

  • Sarah Harrington [Physiotherapist]

    Sarah Harrington [Physiotherapist]

    I graduated with an honours degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Salford, UK in 2011. Prior to this I completed a higher certificate in Physiology and Health Science in Ireland, graduating in 2008. I have also completed a Level 3 Sports Massage and First Aid course, with mentoring from attributed English sports masseurs (e.g. Garry Armer, masseur for Manchester United first team!).
    Born in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, I travelled to Australia to further develop my physiotherapy career and pursue my passion for travel. I am the second youngest of a large family; 4 sisters and one brother. I have been actively involved in sports from a young age including tennis, swimming, basketball and soccer.
    I enjoy treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and taking a holistic approach to treatment, focusing on a client centred approach. I am passionate about helping clients reach their individual goals and help them achieve their best.

  • James Simpson [Physiotherapist]

    James Simpson [Physiotherapist]

    Hi my name is Jimmy. I was born and raised on the North coast of Ireland near "The Giants Causeway", one of the natural wonders of the world. I have two sisters living in the UK, and my parents have retired to the hills of donegal, for a life of bee keeping and gardening. I play soccer in the top amateur league SA and enjoy playing tennis, badminton and will try my hand at most sports. My proudest moment was playing rugby union for my provence, and being part of the Ireland Under 18s trainning camp, with players who are now full internationals.
    I qualified from the University of Salford, Greater Manchester ,with BSc Hons- Physiotherapy.
    Before coming to Australia I worked for the National Health Service in the UK - working with a broad spectrum of patient groups including; acute medical patients, surgical patients, cardiac rehab patients, elderly care, respiratory, and rehab.
    I started a career in Physiotherapy as i was always needing treatment when I was growing up as a sports fanatic, and I was always asking the physios questions, which stirred my interest.  I specialise in treating sports injuries, and spinal problems.  I enjoy helping people feel relief from their pain, while looking at the big picture, and addressing the cause of their problem in a holistic way.
    I joined Back In Motion Health Group as it trains its physios to look at clients in a holistic way, to maximise their health.

  • Emma Biddle [Practice Manager]

    Emma Biddle [Practice Manager]

    I’m typically described by friends as being litlle in size, but not in personality. As a youngster I was surrounded by weight induced health issues affecting my nearest and dearest, so in a way this has inspired me to change the cycle. My passion to live a healthy lifestyle has brought me to where I am today; I met my husband at the local Boxing club, ran my own Personal Training business for 5 years, started training for my first marathon. Today I front the fantastic team at the Hampstead Gardens clinic. I joined Back In Motion to be part of a passionate environment, dedicated to patient recovery and wellbeing. Aside from this role, I manage the accounts, appointments and general smooth running of the clinic. Each day is a pleasure as I get to interact with people from all walks of life. My big plan? Make the planet a healthier place, and finish painting our house!

  • Melli Murcott [Clinical Associate]

    Melli Murcott [Clinical Associate]

    Melli has been a physiotherapist for 10 years, working in London, Melbourne, country South Australia and Victoria and now back in her home town of Adelaide. Melli was born and raised in Adelaide, studied a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (1995-1998) at Adelaide University and then a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2000- 2003) at the University of South Australia. She received Chancellor letters and merit awards for high academic achievements for every year of her Physiotherapy studies. Melli always wanted to have a career in medicine, enjoying the study of the human body and more importantly helping people.
    Melli has a special interest in the postural correction and strengthening to prevent many ailments in the neck, shoulders, back and pelvis. Melli has done many post graduate courses including Dry Needling, Muscle Energy Techniques for the cervical, thoracic spine and ribs, and the lumbar spine and pelvis to help realign the spine and pelvis, as well as a Visceral Manipulation course which is a highly specialised technique which can help release internal organ scar tissue which can give back and other body pains. Pain can be misdiagnosed as this cause and treatment is not well known to all therapists.
    Melli joined the Back in Motion group because of the ethos of holistic care, giving the patients a complete rehabilitation program to ensure that their problems don’t return. Melli is a Senior Associate Physiotherapist helping mentoring the junior physiotherapists. Melli has had 10 years experience in all fields of physiotherapy including hospital, neurological, orthopaedic and paediatric rehabilitation and acute private and public community physiotherapy. In Melli’s spare time she still enjoys socialising with cooking healthy but delicious food for dinner parties and good wine, as well as keeping fit by Pilates, gym and walking. Before she bought a house she travelled extensively to every continent except Antarctica and hopes to do more in the future if the mortgage allows!

  • Cheryl Smith [Business Manager]

    Cheryl Smith [Business Manager]

  • Kate Larwood [Receptionist]

    Kate Larwood [Receptionist]

  • Zhi Xun Goh [Physiotherapist]

    Zhi Xun Goh [Physiotherapist]

Opening Hours

Monday8.00am to 7.00pm
Tuesday8.00am to 7.00pm
Wednesday8.00am to 7.00pm
Thursday8.00am to 7.00pm
Friday8.00am to 7.00pm
Saturday8.00am - 12.30pm

Special Offers

We Also Run Kids specific Pilates groups all year around. School holidays are quite popular - if you are not sure what to expect please book in for a session and we’ll foot the bill as a Season gift.