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Treatment for Headaches

Published: September 14, 2023

It may come as a surprise, but those annoying headaches that you continually live with day to day might be able to be treated and resolved by physiotherapy.

Through a combination of tension release with soft tissue work, joint mobilisation, and exercise we can reduce the symptoms and potentially eradicate your headaches long term.

Below are the different types of headaches that can be treated by physiotherapy.

Cervicogenic Headache – Headaches typically felt on one side of the head which are commonly onset with movements of the neck, caused by dysfunction or injury of neck joints or soft tissues.

Tension Type Headache – Headaches that are felt across both sides or around the head as a tightness or pressure. The cause of these headaches isn’t always clear but can be contributed from stress, fatigue and many other factors and doesn’t increase in intensity with movement.

Migraines – Commonly one-sided headaches that present as dull or throbbing pain that can last anywhere up to 72 hours in duration. These may or may not be accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound or smells and can cause nausea. These are commonly made worse by physical activity.

Jaw Related Headaches – This is observed as face, cheek and head pain caused by a jaw joint related disorder related to joint dysfunction or tightness of the muscles surrounding the jaw.

If you’re concerned about any of these types of headaches, book in an initial assessment with one of our physios!