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Cricket, Baseball, Tennis Seasons are upon us!!

Published: October 4, 2019

Cricket, Baseball and Tennis seasons are upon us! The grass is green, the weather is warmer - but how do you make sure that you are all warmed up as well?

Warming up is so important for injury prevention and peak performance. We do it all the time before running, but do we do it before throwing? It is vital that you not only warm up your shoulder, but your whole body. This is because the majority of your power, speed and accuracy depends on a strong and stable core and lower body. This will also help to prevent shoulder, neck and elbow pain and problems that are common in throwing and hitting sports.

Here is a sample way to warm up to throw and should be completed at every training session and on game day. It must be noted that this is for bowling in cricket - but the same principle applies for throwing, pitching in baseball or in tennis to smash a forehand winner down the line!

Full body warm up:

This will include jogging, movement preparation and dynamic stretching.  Things such as high knees, butt kicks, carioca, knee hugs and walking lunges over a 20 meter distance will warm up your body’s core temperature.

General arm dynamic movements:

Arm Circle Circuit includes forward circles (10-20)

Backward circles (10-20)

Scissors/x-body (10)

Up/down (10)

 90 degree rotations (elbows in line with shoulders) (10-20)

Windshield wipers (starts in the same position as 90 degree rotations but you bring your elbows together in front of your face) (10-20)

Specific movements

Theraband exercises for more loading and throwing/bowling specific warm ups. Click here to view so specific ones that are used in baseball - but again, should be used by all cricketers, baseballers/softballers and tennis players.

Begin Throwing

Players to pair up with a cricket ball between them and a baseball mitt each. Wicketkeeper to use catching gloves. Each player to complete following number of throws at set distances with suggested intensity:

1 set of 10 flat throws at 70-75% intensity over 15-20m. 

1 set of 10 flat throws at 90% intensity over 25-30m. 

1 set of 10 flat throws at 90% intensity over 35-40m.


Start bowling adjacent to wicket using full length pitch. Commence at 70-75% intensity and progress towards 90% over the course of 15-20 deliveries.


Give this a go  at training - instead of just turning up and getting straight into it. Your body will thank you - and it is a great way to improve performance - whether it is to throw or bowling quicker, hit a quicker serve or win!

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