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Did you know…

Published: June 22, 2022

Did you know…

We are open for 14 hours per day! We are often seeing patients at 6am, and have sessions all the way through to 8pm!

We see a variety of patient demographics, from workers, to sports people, to school children to mums, to dads, to grandparents and everything in between! To help cater for this, we offer sessions before work/school, the middle of the day and after work/school to ensure that patients can be seen when they want to, and to not have to take time off work or school to see the physio. 

Another reason is that time is often an excuse to not seeking treatment. When we tell patients that we are open for such a long time in the day, they are suprised and we can make and appointment work around their availability rather than working to our availability. This helps with treatment compliance and that is how you get a great result. Evidence shows that delays in treatment can result in poor outcomes, leading to chronic pain or injury long after things should have resolved.

So - if you have an injury and don't think there is time - give us a call and we can sort something out for you! We can help give you back the time you need to do the things you love!