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Split Teams!

Published: September 8, 2021

We just wanted to let you know that we are splitting the teams up again!

We did this last year and it worked well to comply with a range of aspects of our COVID safe plan and in line with the DHHS restrictions on Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services.

As such, and as of this week, we have decided to do this again. This means that:

  • Ash, Jack and Brodie with be working from early to late (7am-8pm) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Brendan, Dave, Katrina and Lily will be working from early to late (7am-8pm) on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Dave, Katrina and Lily will be working from 7am to 3pm on Saturday
  • Yas and Sarah will be working from 8am-8pm Monday and Friday

This allows us to have 2 seperate teams, and 2 seperate adimin teams who won't cross paths. This will reduce numbers in clinic and it means that if there is a positive case, we won't have to shut down for 14 days in line with the DHHS protocols at the moment. 

The hope is that we will be able to return to normal hours when restrictions begin to ease with vaccination rates but we will keep you updated!

If you have any questions please call us on 95801985.