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Topics of the month: Running and Osteoarthritis

Published: September 23, 2020

Spring is here and as we come out of hibernation, and the colder months our team have put together a series of blogs taking a closer look at running & osteoarthritis via our internal programs, blogs, tips & videos. We find that arthritis can flare up after Winter when we get back to moving more, Cam’s here with some blogs to dive into osteoarthritis and joint crepitations (joint cracking) further.

The same goes for running. If we haven’t run in a while and we start up again now we have longer and warmer days ahead, there might be a part of us that is too eager and wants to go too hard, too fast. To help us out, Marty has created the 6 week “Anti-Bust” process for runners.

Cam’s Osteoarthritis Blogs:

  1. Joint Crepitations – why do my joints crack?
  2. Osteoarthritis and Exercise

Marty’s Running Blog Series

  1. BOOM/BUST - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
  3. Week 2 – Choose the Right Shoes
  4. Week 3 – Strong Runners
  5. Week 4 – Cross train
  6. Week 5 – Map My Run
  7. Week 6 – Optimal Run Technique