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What is sciatica?

Pain from sciatica can be debilitating. Learn about how you can manage your pain today!

Cracked heels

Cracked Heels: What do I need to know?

Do you have dry and cracked heels? Learn more about how we can help you.



Back In Motion are now offering ergonomic assessments at your home to ensure clients have a good workstation setup that will help to prevent injuries.

Achilles tendinopathy

What is Achilles Tendinopathy?

Achilles tendinopathy is the result of an overuse injury to the Achilles tendon due to excessive loading (such a dramatic increase in running distance or training time) over a short period of time.


What is Plantar Fasciopathy?

Have you ever felt a dull ache or sharp pain at the inner side of your heel or the arch of your foot? Or perhaps a burning sensation radiating from your heel to mid-foot?

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