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Bench press

The Bench Press: An exercise with huge benefits for both the ‘everyday Joe’ and gym enthusiast

The Bench press is a great way to strengthen the pecs and triceps muscles. It also challenges the core and helps build strength around the shoulders.


Deadlifts – A core component to your resistance training program

A deadlift is a functional movement, mimicking the lifting we do in everyday life.


Physiotherapy for Concussion

A concussion is a type of mild traumatic brain injury (or mild TBI). It happens when a blow to the head or an injury makes the head move back and forth with a lot of force.


Abdominal muscle separation during pregnancy (DRAM)

DRAM is an essential part of pregnancy, to allow for your little ones to grow. The body is an amazing thing and hormones allow our muscles and connective tissues to adapt to allow space for growth.


Post-Op Shoulder Physio

Surgeons will commonly refer patients to us post-operatively for routine post-op shoulder physiotherapy.

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