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Free Initial Assessment*

Book in for a free, 20-minute initial assessment. We will provide you with a diagnosis and opinion on management at no cost. you then have the choice to proceed with treatment. Charges apply for treatment following the Free Initial Assessment. See our T&Cs for more information.


Physiotherapy at Back In Motion Brighton


Our team has a strong focus on functional goal setting and getting to the root of the cause by educating our clients. We are committed to delivering the very best in physiotherapy care, customer service, and outcomes using the latest in physiotherapy technology.

Our physiotherapists have undergone years of extensive training in musculoskeletal anatomy, meaning they can apply their knowledge and expertise to present the best outcome for your injuries and have years of experience in the field to help you achieve lifelong optimal health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my GP? - If you're a private client, you don't need a referral to come and see us! If you are a Department of Veteran's Affairs cardholder, have a claim under Workcover or have been involved in a motor vehicle accident then we do need a referral from your GP prior to your appointment.

Does Medicare cover my consult fee? - We are not a bulk billing clinic unless you have a Care Plan (also known as EPC) which is set up through your GP. If you are eligible and have a Care Plan set up, please let our support team know when booking your appointment.

How do I know you’re the physio for me? - That’s the great thing about Back In Motion, we offer a Free Initial Assessment for this exact reason. The first 20 minutes of your appointment is a free assessment where your physio can assess, diagnose and discuss with you their recommended treatment options. There is no obligation to have treatment with us! If you're wanting to start your road to recovery with us, we have reserved treatment straight after your assessment so you can start straight away.

Are you a preferred provider? - We accept all health funds here at Back In Motion Brighton. Using our hicaps machine we can swipe your card and you simply pay the gap fee. If you're with NIB, our physiotherapist, Shayne Richter is NIB preferred. When booking your appointment, let our Support Team know you're a NIB member and we will adjust your consultation fee accordingly.

A better physiotherapy experience

Our focus is not only on offering talented physiotherapists, but also delivering a great physiotherapy experience. Quality physiotherapy has an incredible impact on you reaching your recovery or physical health goals sooner.

We’re able to deliver great outcomes for you because we provide modern physiotherapy services designed to meet your needs all back up by our unique Results4Life® philosophy.

Why choose Back In Motion Health Group

At Back In Motion we will:

  • Treat you as a person rather than an injury
  • Take the time to listen to your needs and health concerns;
  • Confidently help you understand what’s going on with easy explanations;
  • Thoroughly discuss your treatment plan in the first instance and review at regular intervals;
  • Communicate treatment choices based on the outcomes you want;
  • Neutralise your pain first to give you comfort;
  • Focus on delivering results that last using tangible tools like Results4Life®.

Quick-fixes vs. lasting results

We understand that sometimes you want a “quick-fix” for your injury however our experience continues to proves that this ends up being more costly and inconvenient over time.

We believe in getting the right result the first time so you can get back to what you love without the treat of re-injury. You will be surprised at all the physical health benefits that come with sticking to your personalized Results 4Life® roadmap, including improved flexibility, mobility and strength.

Physio with extras

Our range of physiotherapy related services means that your treatment or performance pathway doesn’t need to stay within the confines of traditional physiotherapy.

Your physio has the flexibility to give you the best outcome by utilizing the benefits of other key techniques such as Clinical Exercise, massage, gym based exercise rehabilitation, dry needling and more.

Your choice of Physiotherapy service

Ease into Physiotherapy with a one-on-one tailored program with a physio

Clinical Exercise

Your physio might recommend Clinical Exercise after completing one-one-one Physiotherapy sessions. Our semi-private classes have a maximum of four participants, each with their own program.

Remedial Massage

Your physio might recommend a remedial massage to continue your road to recovery, and prevent future injuries from occuring.

Free Initial Assessment*

Charges apply for treatment following the Free Initial Assessment. For full terms and conditions click here.

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