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Treatment following your assessment is charged at the cost of a standard consultation. See our T&Cs for more information.

  • Book your Free Initial Assessment today

    Treatment following your assessment is charged at the cost of a standard consultation. See our T&Cs for more information.

Our Practice

Who we are

We provide physiotherapy, massage, clinical Pilates, and exercise and rehab to Brighton and surrounding suburbs. We have one-on-one and semi-private classes and because our services are delivered by physiotherapists you can claim them on private health insurance with extras cover.

Why we're different

A "quick-fix" for your pain or injury might sound good, but over time is proven to be inconvenient, costly and ineffective in comparison to taking preventative measures. Our unique clinical approach, Results4Life, keeps you on track towards optimal lifelong physical health.

Our guarantee

We are committed to your satisfaction and delivering the very best in physiotherapy care, customer service and outcomes. If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience at Back In Motion,we will refund your money on you last session and deliver your next session free.

Our Service Offering

done Physiotherapy

Whether you have back pain, neck pain, flexibility or mobility issues, our physios at Back In Motion can help resolve your pain and improve the quality of your life. 

Find out why physiotherapy is a GP's most recommended health professional today.

What can Back In Motion physio do for me?

We'll use the latest clinical research and physio equipment to develop a personal treatment plan to help you recover for your specific condition.

You don’t need a GP's referral to see a physio, and often we'll work as part of a team to plan and manage treatment for your specific condition or injury.

How will a Back In Motion physio assess my injury?

We'll assess your condition to diagnose the problem and focus on how to help you heal with tangible tools like Results4Life®

What sort of treatments do Back In Motion physios use?

Treatments include:

- Exercise prescription
- Postural analysis and correction
- Soft tissue massage/mobilization
- Dry needling
- Management of lifestyle issues such as desk set up, pillow and gym programs
- Prescription of aids such as crutches, orthotics and braces

What else does Back In Motion offer? 

We’re a one-stop shop for allied health, and also offer related health services such as clinical/reformer Pilates, remedial massage, exercise rehab and more.

We work in partnership with you to identify how we can resolve your pain and condition, and then how to heal you and get you stronger to ensure it does not happen again. 

done Clinical Pilates

Whether you’re wanting to improve your flexibility, core strength or your posture, Back In Motion offers clinical Pilates and reformer Pilates taught by qualified physios.

Many gyms and exercise studios offer pilates these days, but few places offer personalised and tailored programs to help you recover, achieve your goals sooner and help stay injury-free.

Why should I do Clinical Pilates/Pilates Reformer at Back In Motion?

Our qualified physios supervise you during class to offer you a safe and effective program.

When you do Pilates with us, you’re in a smaller class with an individual program designed just for you – so you’ll progress faster and are less likely to get injured.

What equipment is available at Back In Motion?

We offer a range of specialised Pilates equipment, including reformers, trapeze tables and floor-based exercises to help you progress and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Who will benefit the most out of Clinical Pilates/Pilates Reformer?

Pilates can benefit everyone – from the elite athlete wanting to improve their core strength, to a beginner seeking to improve their flexibility and muscle strength.

We recommend all of our Back In Motion clients try Pilates at least once. Once you see the results and feel the benefits, you'll be hooked!

What are the health benefits of Clinical Pilates/Pilates Reformer?

The health benefits of Pilates include improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, core stability, improved balance, spine stabilisation and improved posture.

done Remedial massage

Whether you’re wanting to loosen tight muscles, soothe your body or simply relax, Back In Motion offers a range of massage services.

There are many places that offer massage these days, but few offer highly-qualified and trained physios with extensive knowledge of the human body to help your body heal.

Why should I have a remedial massage at Back In Motion?

We take a tailored approach, targeting key areas of your body chosen by you and your physio and it’ll be completed in a safe and professional environment.

Our highly-experienced physios have spent more than four years at university learning about human anatomy and biomechanics. We know your body and can identify the causes of aches, pains and soreness, ensuring a better result every time.

What remedial massage services are offered at Back In Motion?

We offer a range of massage services including remedial massage, sports therapy massage and deep tissue massage, so you can benefit from qualified physios and their extensive knowledge of the human body.

What are the benefits of regular remedial massage?

Massage is beneficial to the body in many ways, both physically (tissue manipulation) and emotionally (relaxation). A regular massage can provide check ups with your physio, treat niggles, prevent new injuries/pain and help with maintenance.

Sporting clubs, athletes, and massage devotees see our expert physios and therapists for a reason: because we know your body and can identify the causes of aches, pains, and soreness, ensuring a better result every time.

done Exercise and Rehab

Whether you have lower back pain, neck pain or a shoulder injury, exercise rehabilitation can help. Our exercise programs can help with increasing fitness, weight loss, injury rehabilitation, endurance training or strengthening, in a safe way that minimises risk of injury.

Our qualified staff use the latest clinical research and physio equipment to develop a personal exercise plan to help you improve flexibility, mobility, and strength.

done Vibration Therapy

We offer side-alternating, high frequency vibration therapy using a vibration platform. You can experience results not only as treatment for an existing health concern but as a preventative measure for a diverse range of health issues including back pain, falls prevention, core strength, and elite performance.

done Custom Orthotics

When a small problem develops in your feet, a subtle change in the way you walk can cause a chain reaction that alters your posture and movement mechanics. The symptom of poor foot mechanics can include localised foot pain, bunions, arch or heel pain, leg or knee pain, hip or back pain – and even neck pain. Custom orthotics have been shown to correct these issues, giving you improved balance, posture, and general wellbeing.

done Mums & Bubs

Our Mums & Bubs classes are the ideal way to get back to exercise safely and to recover after giving birth, whether it be your first bub or your third. The class runs for 40 minutes and is a circuit class using our Pilates reformer beds, cardio equipment, weights, the Pilates trapeze table and much more.

When can I attend?
Once your bub is 6 weeks old and your doctor has cleared you to start exercise again you are welcome to come along.

How do I get started?
Give our friendly reception team a call. We will first book you in for a 20 minute free assessment with our physiotherapist to determine your goals and exactly what you’d like to get out of the class. This allows us to slightly tailor your class experience to your needs. It also gives you time to meet the physio taking the class, check out our gym and find out a bit more about the class.

Do I bring my baby?
Bubs are welcome to come along but we’re also happy if you would prefer to leave them with a loved one or carer. We understand that babies may need to be fed, hugged or sleep before, during or after the class. We have plenty of rooms and a large reception area where you can feed or change nappies if you need. If your little one is upset during the class, don’t worry! Lots of our clients bring their children along to their appointments so we are very much used to the crying if it does happen. But hopefully with lots of different things to look at they’ll be quite happy playing on the floor whilst you exercise.

Unfortunately if your bub is old enough to move/crawl, they will need to either stay at home or stay in the pram for safety in the gym.

done Mums In Motion

Prepare your body for the rigours of labour, improve your aerobic fitness, and reduce your recovery time in a fun, social atmosphere with other mums-to-be! Guided by your physio, this exercise class also includes education on back care, posture, and relaxation specific to pregnancy.

done Aged Care Physiotherapy

We provide a range of physiotherapy services for seniors and residencies in the community. We support aged care facilities, supported residential services, and retirement villages. We can also visit clients in the privacy of their own home.

done Aquatic Physiotherapy

Our hydrotherapy classes are ideal if you are going through injury rehabilitation or if you have long-term injuries. Our physios will guide you through gentle group and individually-tailored water-based exercises in the water with buoyancy devices as needed.

done Shockwave Therapy

Whether you have plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow or an injury that won’t heal, shockwave therapy can help.

Back In Motion offers a free initial assessment that is obligation free – so if you do not decide to go ahead, then there is no cost for that assessment.

Shockwave therapy – also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) – is a non-invasive therapy that uses low-frequency, acoustic shockwaves generated via a handheld device that kick starts the body’s natural healing response in tissue that may not have responded to medication, rest or other therapies.  

If you have tried rest, medications, other therapies or even steroid injections to overcome the  injury, and are now considering surgery, then Shockwave Therapy could be a good option for you.

Up to 92% of patients report significant improvement in their tendon pain after a course of shockwave therapy.

Find out more about Shockwave Therapy at Back In Motion

Meet the team

Photo of Max Kavanagh

Max Kavanagh

Practice Director and Physiotherapist

Max Kavanagh

Practice Director and Physiotherapist

With a passion for education Max was a tutor at the University of South Australia for over ten years, has undertaken many courses to broaden his skills and knowledge base and continues his enthusiasm with ongoing clinical training programs. Combined his training in such techniques as Maitland, Feldenkrais and Clinical Reasoning he has developed a definite focus on assessing the unique problems of each client and the importance of finding solutions for each individual. He has been a speaker to such diverse groups as Local Businesses, Masters Athletes and even SASI Yachting. Over the years he has had roles in major conference committees, the Australian Physiotherapy Association and sponsored local clubs and charities. Max has worked in both country SA and over in the United Kingdom and was also a physiotherapist at the games village in the Edinburgh Commonwealth Games. Who would you like to have dinner with? Robin Williams and Sting. Favourite quotes? My daughters have them imprinted on their minds, “Never give up” and “Be a sponge”. Who inspires you? I am inspired by the stories of successful people who, without exception, have had setbacks in their careers and had the resilience to overcome them. Favourite food? A family favourite dish of Canadian Spicy ribs. Ask me, I’m happy to pass on the recipe! Favourite pastime? Embarrassing my daughters without even trying.

Photo of Kathy Towns

Kathy Towns

Practice Manager

Kathy Towns

Practice Manager

With over 35 years in office administration, the last 15 of which have been as Receptionist here at Brighton, Kathy brings a wealth of experience to her role as Practice Manager and she enjoys her new role and the challenges it brings on a daily basis. The transition to Back In Motion has been positive in every way. A familiar face was important in the transition period and it was whilst going through this stage that Kathy came to appreciate the friendships she had built up over the years with many of our regular clients. Besides work her love of camping with family and friends anywhere in the great outdoors is a wonderful subject for her passion of photography. With the most outstanding Receptionists in Adelaide and, without a doubt, the absolute best Physiotherapists here in South Australia why would you go anywhere else!!!! Favourite food? Anything Thai. Favourite bands? John Butler Trio, The Waifs, Angus and Julia Stone and Mumma Kim. Best Concert? Alison Moyet. I would most like to go on a date with? Matt Moran. I’m most happy when? I’m camping in the outback with my husband.

Photo of Michelle Allen

Michelle Allen

Front Desk

Michelle Allen

Front Desk

Michelle joined us at the opening of business as Back In Motion Brighton having decided on a career change having been an award winning Baker for 9 years. She was keen to work in frontline administration and underwent certificate training in Medical Reception. It has been a very enjoyable change and she is keen to progress in this field. Away from work Michelle is busy starting a family and looking forward to the challenge of juggling work and taming children. She still enjoys lots of baking at home and spending time with her husband and friends. Favourite Dish? Vietnamese soup “Pho with rare beef”. Best Concert? Bon Jovi. Favourite Tv Programs? 30 Rock, Dexter, The Inbetweeners. Favourite Radio Stations? FreshFM and Triple J. I’m most happy when? I’m sitting in the sun with great friends and a glass of Moscato with ice!

Photo of Rhyan Eason

Rhyan Eason


Rhyan Eason


Rhyan moved from Alice Springs to Adelaide to pursue further study in the health industry. Five years later she graduated from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy. She has been working at Back in Motion in Brighton since graduating in 2013 and still finds enthusiasm in all aspects of her work. Rhyan has completed further education in neuromuscular dry needling, clinical Pilates education and pain science and regularly attends short courses covering all areas of practice. She enjoys the problem solving aspect of the job, and loves educating patients on how to help themselves through injury and rehabilitation, with an overall focus on self-empowerment and independence.

Photo of Fiona Burford

Fiona Burford


Fiona Burford


Fiona moved from country Balaklava to the city in order to pursue her passion for helping others by enrolling in UniSA’s Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She quickly fell in love with the city lifestyle and especially the career she had chosen. Once graduated in 2013 she started at Back In Motion Brighton, and has worked hard and attended several courses to advance her skills in all areas. In recent years Fiona has been strengthening skills in Women’s Health and is particularly passionate about this area of physiotherapy. Fiona is also interested in chronic pain, and is DMA level 1 certified in Clinical Pilates.  Outside of work, Fiona loves spending time with family and friends, going on adventures, drinking wine and spending some quality snuggle time with the family dog Chas!

Photo of Kirsty Horn

Kirsty Horn

Front Desk

Kirsty Horn

Front Desk

Kirsty is the newest addition to our fantastic frontline staff. Since moving from Kent, UK in 2012, she has gained more customer service knowledge and experience working in Hospitality and Administration and studied a Certificate III in Health Administration. She has enjoy the change of lifestyle and scenery that Australia has to offer both in the workplace and out. When not interacting with the clients and making coffee at work, Kirsty is usually spending time with family and friends viewing the amazing sights in Adelaide!

Photo of Julian Urlings

Julian Urlings


Julian Urlings


Julian was born in The Netherlands and has grown up and studied in Adelaide, at the University of South Australia. He has specific interests in back problems in addition to sporting injuries related to soccer and AFL football. He has been working as a physiotherapist with the Adelaide United Football Club since early 2016 and continues to fill this role with the Youth Team. He thrives himself on keeping up to date with the latest evidence based treatments to ensure that his clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Julian has a focus on achieving long term results through techniques such as hands on manual therapy and dry needling in addition to utilising strength and conditioning or pilates based programmes. Outside of work, Julian is a keen traveller, frequently visiting various countries with different cultures such as India and Nepal. He also enjoys rock climbing, basketball and mountaineering when he gets the chance.

Photo of Mark Griffiths

Mark Griffiths


Mark Griffiths


Mark was born and raised in Adelaide and after graduating high school made the decision to join the Australian Army in 2005. From there he was posted to various places, including Wagga Wagga and Oakey, before being posted to Townsville in North Queensland. After some time working as a maintenance engineer on helicopters, and after being deployed to East Timor, he decided the Australian Army was not his forever career and set about changing his career path. Around this time, Mark underwent 2 shoulder reconstructions and became very interested in his own rehabilitation and how to prevent further injuries. It was with this in mind that he realised that his interests lay in helping people with their physical health and achieving their fitness goals. As a result, Mark enrolled at James Cook University Townsville and graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. After this, he subsequently discharged from the Army and moved back home to Adelaide to pursue his Physiotherapy career.


Mark takes a very keen interest in all aspects of Veteran's health - being one himself, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and injury prevention. Outside of Back in Motion you will find Mark spending time with his family, in the gym, watching AFL - he is a mad Crows supporter, or playing with his Labrador Ollie.