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Liv’s 10minute home exercise

Published: August 19, 2020

  •  During home isolation/lockdown it can be fantastic to break up the day with exercise
  • Here is my 10minute home workout à want 15 or 20 minutes?? Repeat each exercise 3 or 4 times!
  • If you are able get out for your 1 hour of fresh air – DO IT! (Masks on ^ _ ^ )

10 exercises – :20sec on, :10sec rest – repeat each exercise twice!

  1. Sit to stand - Options: arm chair, no arms, air squat, weighted squat

  2. Glute bridge  -  Options: double leg small/high lift, feet on height, single leg (swap for second set), weighted

  3. Balance - Options: standing balance, stand up with single leg lower to chair, walking lunges, jumping lunges

  4. Table-top - Options: single leg lift + lower, double leg lift + lower, straight leg lift + lower

  5. Calf rises - Options: double leg, single leg (swap for second set), skipping

  6. Push up -  Options: kitchen bench, couch, knees on floor, full support on floor

  7. Sit up - Options: mini crunch, full sit up, dish to tuck

  8. Dead lift - Options: halfway hip hinge, hinge hands below knees, add weights

  9. Dips off couch/chair - Options: feet in, feet out, feet elevated

  10. Air boxing - Options: slow consistent movement, more cardio – faster! Other: hold some light weights.; NB: feet apart, slight bend in knees

Liv Burnett - physiotherapist of Back In Motion Clayton