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Mat’s Top Tips for a Day Hike

Victoria has some absolutely beautiful countryside and trails just begging to be explored, but before you venture out, here are some tips to consider...

child growth

Your Child's Development

Different factors, from genetics to environment to experience, even birth order can contribute to growth rate. Here are a few aspects of normal postural variations that are common in growing kids

back and neck

Where is your pain really coming from?

Have you ever been to see a physiotherapist for pain in one part of your body and when they treated you, they focused on a completely different area? Shouldn't pain be treated where is is being felt?


The Four Biggest Mistakes You Can Make After A Muscle Tear

In the period following a muscle tear, there are a few mistakes we see people make, that can actually make their injury worse and delay healing times.

Office stretch

4 Helpful Stretches For Office Workers

Is your neck, back or shoulder pain preventing you from being efficient at work or getting a good nights sleep? Sitting for prolong periods can have a significant impact on our body

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