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Join Australia's newest team of Podiatrists

Healthcare is a dynamic and exciting place to be right now. We believe that our role to empower our communities to live longer and live better has never been more important. We’re on a mission to connect with those who are driven by this belief and committed to having a significant impact on those around them.

We are the Back In Motion Health Group, one of Australia and NZ's largest and fastest growing allied health groups. We have over 100+ locations, and 700 people, working together to deliver a range of complimentary services that empower clients on their journey towards achieving optimal lifelong health.

In early 2021 we launched our own podiatry service to integrate with our existing core services: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Pilates, Exercise Physiology, Osteopathy, and Dietetics. We would love you to consider joining us on this adventure.

We are looking to attract the country's best podiatrists and practice owners who share our vision to keep Australia & New Zealand healthy and moving. If this is you, we'd love you to get in touch!

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Joining the Team

employed career role with rewarding remuneration


shares in your own podiatry franchise

Selling my Practice

sell your existing practice into our network

Starting a new Practice

starting a new podiatry practice


Back In Motion is a Nationally recognised brand, with strong community involvement and client recognition in the Allied health space. Up until recently, we have had to turn away demand from clientele and referrers for podiatry services. Having made the decision to add Podiatry to our broad service offering we are looking to build further relationships with podiatrists across Australia and New Zealand to make podiatric care accessible to all. We know that great business relies on great relationships. Success for the patient, practice owner and our group more broadly is dependent on values alignment and compatibility. As such, we are interested in your personal story, and what you are trying to achieve in your career and practice. We would also love to be able to share with you a little more of our story, what we do, and how we support podiatrists like you. If from our conversation both parties can see a possible fit, further steps can be taken to move towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

With so many changes afoot in our industry - including recruitment shortages, private health insurance pressures, regulatory barriers, more corporate brands emerging, and community health bottlenecks - we believe engaging in a conversation like this will be at the very least mutually informative and beneficial as we share our journeys, insights and ideas.

Join the Team

Back In Motion are Australia's fastest growing Health Group. We are committed to having an impact on our communities through clinical excellence and helping our clients enjoy optimal lifelong health. Finding likeminded individuals, who are passionate about making a difference, is paramount to our success.

We are excited to be seeking applications from both experienced and graduate qualified podiatrists for roles throughout Australia and New Zealand. These roles will see you providing a full suite of podiatry services and orthotic prescriptions to new and existing clients.

To help you thrive in these exciting roles we have the following support measures in place:

  • Dedicated Podiatry rooms equipped to offer the full suite of podiatry services.
  • A multi-disciplinary team of allied health professionals to collaborate with and learn from.
  • Strong mentoring and professional development opportunities encompassing clinical and non-clinical aspects of your practice.
  • Structured career pathways - Pave your own future with the right balance of progressive opportunities including clinical seniority, education, research, and management or even shared ownership.
  • An attractive remuneration package that rewards your success at every stage.
  • Strong external and internal referral pathways.


Have you often thought about the idea of having your own podiatry franchise or a small equity stake in an existing one? Back in Motion Health Group have welcomed both new and established practices to the group, and each year our network grows. Today we have over 100 locations, and our network is going from strength to strength as a widely recognised, fast growing and well respected health group.

As a franchisee, whether you are a sole franchise owner or small equity stakeholder, you will have access to one of the most experienced and committed support teams in the health market today.

Our National Support Office (NSO) is a team whose sole function is to see your franchise or equity stake grow, while supporting you in the development of your skills and knowledge as a director/practice owner to its fullest potential.

As well as the expertise and many combined years of experience that the NSO provides, you will have access to and be supported by the latest in proprietary systems and processes that monitor, guide and drive all areas of your practice performance. This, along with other benefits, ensure that our supportive community of practice owners, support staff, and clinicians are ready and available to share ideas, celebrate wins and deliver solutions to make the Back in Motion Family a truly rewarding organisation to be a part of.

Selling my practice

There are many reasons why people consider selling the practices they have built; some are commercial, others are personal. Whatever the reason, Back in Motion is always interested in hearing from owners of well run and profitable practices, who are keen to sell their existing practice into our network. This sale may take the form of a full or partial sale, which may see you realising some or all of the goodwill you have built up in the form of cash or equity in a larger parent company. Alternatively, we realise there is no on-size-fits-all approach to selling a business, and we are open to exploring creative solutions, specific to your circumstances. It is important to us that we understand your personal journey, and what you are trying to achieve in your career and practice. In doing so we are able to discover common ground, and the basis for what we hope will be a beneficial relationship for many years to come.

Starting a new practice

Want to own your own practice, but not sure where to start?

From equipment suppliers, to website development, employment law, business taxation, and of course capital funding, there so many things to consider when first starting out. We understand that in many cases this stage of starting a business can be incredibly difficult and stressful.

We help you enjoy the incredible feeling of owning your business sooner by skipping forward to the point where you have an experienced team of professionals working to support you, and to drive your practice forward. With Back In Motion, you can own your business, but receive expert support in the areas of finance, business coaching, IT, marketing, professional development and recruitment.

If you are an experienced practitioner with the desire to be an owner/operator in your very own practice, we would be keen to have a confidential conversation with you on how we can help you achieve your aspirations.