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  1. We’re still open! Back In Motion Health Group COVID-19 Action Plan

    - Business Updates

    As the COVID-19 landscape is evolving, we would like to reinforce that we remain open at this time. The government recommendations and new restrictions still allow for you leave your home to attend medical and/or health appointments, this includes Physiotherapy.

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  2. Woman holding neck in pain

    10 tips to prevent neck pain and headaches

    - Physio Tips

    Impacted by neck pain? Check out our 10 do’s and don’ts for neck pain and headaches.

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  3. Exercising - the benefits are much more than weight loss!

    - Fitness and Training, Men’s Health, Physio Tips, Wellbeing, Women’s Health

    Physiotherapists are in a unique position in the area of health. They have hands-on skills, using a variety of manual techniques to assess dysfunction and then to help relieve pain. These include joint mobilisations, manipulation, massage, needling, taping, orthotic prescription and many more.

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  4. Image of pregnant woman

    Pregnancy and leg cramps

    - Women’s Health

    Our physios often get asked how to avoid and relieve leg cramps - a common complaint during pregnancy.

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  5. Why is stretching so important?

    - Fitness and Training, Injury Treatment and Prevention, Men’s Health, Pain Management, Physio Tips, Senior’s Physio, Wellbeing, Women’s Health

    It’s been drilled into us since primary school in P.E. class, and it’s become routine in our personal training sessions, but why is stretching so important?

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